Jaeger-LeCoultre REVERSO TRIBUTE DUOFACE replica watches uk

Since the advent of the Economist Reverso series, Jacques-David LeCoultre did not even think of the high level of popularity. Designing a replica watches that is strong enough to deal with the violent collision in the polo game appears to be an impossible challenge at the time, let alone without losing the elegant and meticulous response to the market. Reverso series to flip the way to do this clever, and can flip the design of the watch industry has become unique in the watch industry. (Watch model: Q3908420)

The cheap replica watches series, which was born in the 1930s, was not content to meet a challenge. In the constant exploration of innovation, the Reverso series began a new breakthrough in the last decade of the twentieth century. Beginning in 1991, Reverso series began to carry complex functional movement, since the Reverso series began to meet a new round of challenges, towards the era of complex functional watch.

This section of the replica watches uk as a whole with a blue tone, showing the charm of contemporary personality, to attract the unique and low-key treasures of the fans, with its perfect proportion of elegant makeup wrist. Retro design, dial flip between the two sides of the time zone display, regardless of the table or both sides of the dial, each side so that the wearer easily meet the challenges of life.

No matter how innovative evolution, Reverso series of the essence will not change, from the prototype in 1931 models of design elements still affect today’s Reverso series. Positive dial with silver gray grain dial with a distinctive blue princess-style pointer, and blue studs when the timid pavilions. Dial edge with track scale, 6 o’clock position with a small small seconds, and parallel lines to form a contrast.

The back of the dial with Paris nail head decorated with dark blue dial, the top of the dial shows the second time zone, silver princess-style pointer with the same color set when the standard, the bottom shows the day and night, rounded lines and rectangular dials out of different geometric aesthetics.

Tiny exquisite stainless steel crown engraved Jaeger-LeCoultre fake watches classic logo, the side after the anti-skid texture processing, even if the same small easy to operate.

Subtle dark blue crocodile leather strap with the same color dial echoes, with a steel folding clasp, comfortable while wearing a comfortable and secure.

This paragraph exquisite timetable with stainless steel table at the end of the table engraved with the classic logo, and 3 bar water depth. Watch the internal carrying both sides of the dial at the same time driving the 854A / 2 manual winding movement, to provide the second time zone display, the movement consists of 160 parts, power storage up to 42 hours.

Summary: Last year, coincides with the birth of the Economist Reverso series 85 anniversary, the new launch of the Reverso series watch full of sincerity, this section official price of 87,000 yuan watch. Exquisite more than one side, Jaeger-LeCoultre replica REVERSO TRIBUTE DUOFACE double-sided flip watch everything, each side are easy to deal with challenges.

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Longines replica the world’s fifth is how come?

Longines fake uk made a digital record of the timepieces made by the brand since its inception in 1832. This arduous task is notorious but little known but proved to be an important asset for brand communication.

The Longines replica Museum, headquartered in Soymia, covers an area of 550 square meters

The museum has 10,000 replica watches uk, of which only 500 public exhibitions
For more than 50 years, Walter Von Känel has become a familiar figure in the Longines historic corridor. Today, the energetic chief executive, the friendly boss (The Boss), continues to lead the company to “atomic energy”. In his management, Longines every year to steadily expand the market, and with heavyweight brands to compete. Huo Kainuo has always been cautious about the company’s financial situation, Swatch Group, 2015, Longines sales of more than 1.5 billion Swiss francs, such outstanding performance to promote Longines to become the world’s fifth largest (in terms of sales) watch brand.

6754 6755
Taking into account the strong market demand for brand cheap replica watches, Longines in the media and advertising on the tepid and generous ho throw, so clear contrast looks incredible. “Longing has its own communication space, and there is no sign of change,” Hokkaino said, “We focus on equestrian sports, alpine skiing, Roland Garros tennis, rhythmic gymnastics and archery, etc., in addition to these sports, we also insist on In the early 20th century, the elegant attitude, and as a standard to choose the image ambassador.


Respect history

So the noisy noisy advertising campaign is not Longines style. Hokkaino has a personal library, said more than 12,000 books, he is pursuing a more subtle, but no less strategic, all this is built on the brand history. Located at the headquarters of Soymia, an area of 550 square meters of Longines Museum, is fresh proof. The museum has 10,000 watches, of which only 500 public exhibitions; there are rare archives, including the 1908 movie posters.

Longines L20.52 pocket watch (1890) dial side


Longines L20.52 pocket watch (1890) dial side
In addition, Longines regularly funded the study of well-known scientists. Simply put, as an orthodox and real brand, Longines believe in the need to develop their own heritage, so make great efforts to the most transparent and most objective way to show brand history. In order to achieve specific business goals, many brands are willing to rewrite the history, Longines will not. In 2012, we saw the results of the project launched four years ago, that is, for each brand of time to create a database.

Longines L10.86N watch (1924)

Longines replica electronic archives

This database, or the Longines electronic file (LEA), is developed internally and provides a detailed record of every timepiece created by the brand since its inception in 1832, bringing the archives to a staggering 45 million. It took more than three years to digitize the main file content. Fortunately, the project has never been interrupted since its launch, which is very rare in the watchmaking industry. Nowadays, new entries are still being added. The user can query the database by serial number, reference number or movement, and obtain information about each timepiece from production to sale.

Longines barrel-shaped watch (1925)
Initially, Hokkaino wanted only a reliable way to record the Longines in the auction, but the project soon expanded the range. Today, the Heritage department handles about 40 requests from the Antique Longines replica watches every day. Longines electronic files can only be accessed within the company, is an accurate means of accurately identifying and tracking every timepiece “life”.

Longines ultra-thin replica watches uk (1967)
By investing in this powerful tool, Hokkaino provides Longines with the means to make the brand 185 years of history a greater influence. Taking into account the Longines positioning (800 to 5,000 Swiss francs) and target customers (including more and more after 80 and the next generation, they are less likely to be marketing strategies and fancy ads around), the project appears to be more meaningful. Compared to rhetoric, Longines prefer to put into action, of course, fruitful.

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