Zenith classic replica watches to the ceremony sweet Christmas

Christmas has a magic, so that every moment has become shining: love in this together, exchange sincere gifts, share memorable moments. This year, when the real power into the bright stars in the night sky, for the love to bring joy and pleasure – Zenith portrait when showing a different style of classic replica watches to bare the core, to pay tribute to the holiday mood.

For the men to create the true force when the flagship El Primero 1969 replica watches uk, designed for Ms. Zenith heritage series Star Watch


Christmas every minute is memorable, because of this, those who count the moment of life chronograph chronograph in the festival more touching magic. Since 1969, the legendary chronograph movement El Primero Star has always been true force watch factory unique creativity of the best spokesperson. This name originated in the Esperanto “first” meaning, now has become an important part of Zenith historical wealth. Unique happy design concept came out in 2003 – in the dial 10 o’clock position, a window of the shape of the window unfolds Zenith running endless legendary movement – this design soon after the launch will become a true force Table factory symbol of one of the symbols.

As if to light every heart moment, designed for Ms. Zenith replica series heritage star watch, happy window to create a love shape. Retro pillow-shaped case under the protection of this delicate window of love is particularly dazzling. Rose gold to create the pillow-shaped case around, a total of 63 inlaid Mosaic (about 0.27 kt) VVS-class bright-cut diamonds, decorate the joy of Christmas mood. Dial with mother of pearl material, contrast under the happy window on behalf of rational and precise indicators of the spirit of the El Primero Star speed movement of silicon escapement, once again shaping the urban women elegant modern beauty temperament.

Zenith inherits the series of Star Watch and Zenith El Primero flagship series of moving to watch

And for men to build the flagship of the real force when the El Primero 1969 is full of retro masculine gentleman-specific gas field. 42 mm diameter atmospheric, in the same position bare real “core” of the window, not only with a more rugged metal frame, but also the use of blue steel screws to be fixed, reminiscent of steam punk retro feelings. Twelve time markers and two indicators were used rhodium-plated design, coated with Superluminova luminous materials, so that time is more visible and clear.

Whether it is to allow women to “happy” or to pay tribute to men’s “move to” power, these two watches are used to create the real power when the legendary fake watches uk El Primero Star series of high-frequency vibration movement. This series of movements per hour up to 36,000 times the high frequency, equivalent to 10 times per second vibration. Through the happy design, can be intuitive movement of the high-speed operation, silicon escapement fork escapement and the precise and stable interaction.

This section for the festive mood to create a timepiece on the table there are two styles to choose from: female models rose gold case with a mother of pearl dial, with the corresponding male models are equipped with rose gold silver matte sun pattern dial, and With black alligator strap. Another pair of male and female models are used steel case, female models equipped with ear ornamentation (Guilloche) carved dial, matching men are equipped with white matte sun pattern dial, and with a black alligator strap. Each pair of timepieces are carrying a true force for the Christmas blessing, but also at this moment irreplaceable time to commemorate.

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Cool Girl essential replica watches uk

There are so a group of girls always known as the “cool” title, they may be painted a strong eye makeup, with purple black lipstick, they may wear a rivet jacket Martin boots, they may sing you do not understand the music, Dancing, you can not read the dance, they may also tattoo smoking and drinking with men to keep pace, everything looks bad may be outrageous, but it is the most real of them. Editor recommended several pieces of this cheap replica watches will help you make a more attractive cool Girl!

Panerai Radiomir 1940 series PAM00655 watch


Watch diameter: 42 mm
Watch Thickness: –
Movement type: Automatic winding
Case Material: stainless steel
Waterproof: 100 meters
Watch the white Panerai replica is absolutely Cool Girl’s welfare, Radiomir 1940 shell missing the bridge of the wild, 42 mm diameter of the case can be considered Panerai family of small size, so that women More easy to manage. And the white dial is Radiomir 1940 series first appeared in the design, simple and fresh and more sporty and fashion sense. Panerai replica watches unique reason is because from beginning to end brands adhere to their own style and tone, never follow the crowd, a huge case, a wide strap, minimalist scale and dial design, always make it through Do not forget.

IW327004 Watch Series


Watch diameter: 40 mm
Watch the thickness: 11 mm
Movement type: Automatic winding
Case Material: stainless steel
Waterproof: 60 meters
Watch Comments: In recent years, girls wearing a large table has become a popular trend, IWC’s neutral temperament by many girls of all ages, this Mark 18 Prince Special Edition watch with a blue dial and brown strap design Many table models stand out. Mark 18 pilot pilots “Little Prince” special edition both appearance and function are followed by the classic pilot watch the tradition of 40 mm diameter for wearing a large table for girls who is very suitable for simple dial layout and more To meet the modern people’s habits, features a single legible, replica watches uk is equipped with internal 30110-type automatic movement, can provide 42-hour power reserve.

Zenith EL PRIMERO series 03.2240.4069 / 21.C774 watch


Watch diameter: 43 mm
Watch the thickness: 12.85 mm
Movement type: Automatic winding
Case Material: stainless steel
Waterproof: 100 meters
Watch Comments: Zenith replica watches this watch has a strong no doubt the “gas field”, worn on the wrist to show the cool Girl’s domineering, enough to disdain for a variety of fleeting so-called fashion trends and time itself. Watch diameter of 43 mm, the case size is relatively large, but the power of the wrist or can easily control the dial with two timing dial, a reasonable layout makes the dial has a very clear legibility, Watch inside equipped with true force El Primero 4069 type self-winding movement, can provide 50 hours of power reserve.
Summary: Cool Girl does not seem unusual way, in fact, they are not cold life to the bones, the heart like fire and very kind heart, always through their own way to a positive attitude passed to the people around. Whether it is cool Girl or Meng Mei paper, can seriously do their own is the best way of life.

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