Breitling Navitimer replica black steel watch

Breitling Navitimer and then start a new, high-tech ceramic bezel with black steel case, with the same color of the dial and rubber strap Brilliance. Performance and elegant natural, confirmed as genuine special captain’s extraordinary mission to watch again.


Breitling replica classic design drawn from the nineteen fifties and sixties inspiration, launched aviation chronograph stainless steel and red gold limited edition version, the deep black color to re-interpretation of paragraph three o’clock zone chronograph again the timeless highlight its extraordinary design. High-strength steel case by carbonization process, supplemented satin matte skills, and distribute elegant light of the ultra-rugged scratch ceramic bezel formed delicate sheen contrast.

Deep black color also continuity on the dial, with the color of the cumulative timer and perfect blending of the entire disk; at the same time, the original rubber strap also inherited replica Breitling Aero Classic woven steel bracelet aviation classic design features. Silver time zone on the eye-catching black dial, large luminous hands and hour markers to ensure that under no circumstances are clearly readable, these designs have continued the excellent tradition to watch the pilot. Waterproof case up to 100 meters (330 feet), the bottom of the table decorated with swoop arts aircraft, which was used for many years Breitling brand identity.

As an ideal companion with a long flight, aviation Breitling chronograph combines the flight for professional people and globetrotter most useful two functions: recording time of flight, and three time zones around the world time at a glance the time display. Red triangular tip of the pointer to the 24-hour (circadian legible) when indicating the second time zone, 24 hour numerals engraved star bidirectional rotating bezel not only provide a third time zone reading, bring more convenient handling experience. Core power high performance, is derived by the Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC) self-winding chronograph movement, in order to ensure accurate and reliable watch. The ultimate performance under control.


Breitling Navitimer replica black steel watch

Movement: Breitling Caliber 24, the Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC), automatic winding, 28,800 high wobble; 25 jewels
Function: timing accuracy of 1/4 second, with 30 minutes and 12 hours totalizer; dial a 24-hour second time zone display, bezel to provide a third time zone display; calendar display.
Case: steel with black ceramic bezel; cambered sapphire crystal, double-sided anti-glare treatment; bi-directional rotating bezel
Water resistance: 100 meters (330 feet)
Table diameter: 46 mm.
Dial: black.
Strap: Aero Classic Aviation Classic rubber strap.

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Breitling replica 765 AVI Chronograph

Breitling replica 765 AVI Chronograph

This won’t be an unbiased audit of a vintage watch – a long way from it. I possess, and adore, this 1960s chronograph from Breitling. I wish to clarify here what drove me to a watch with a 41mm case, when I for the most part swear by more unassuming sizes for my own cheap replica watches. Like all great romantic tales, it wasn’t arranged: I discovered this Breitling in a little French city, and couldn’t turn away. Months after the fact, I wore it for seven continuous days, and I can see that event again later on, ordinarily.


How about we begin with the self-evident: the Breitling replica reference 765 AVI is not a little watch. With a breadth of 41mm, its case is significantly bigger than most different watches from the 1960s, even those implied for pilots and drivers. For examination’s purpose, the contemporary Rolex Daytona was 36-37mm, while the AVI’s adversary, the Breguet Type 20, remained at 38mm. What’s more, yes, the shadow of the Type 20 can’t be dodged in this story. The similarity between the Breitling and the Type 20 is not a mischance. Breitling was particularly wanting to win the agreement with the French armed force when it initially presented the AVI in 1953, yet the absence of a flyback inconvenience opened the entryways for Auricoste, Breguet, Dodane, and Vixa, who might go ahead to supply French warriors with chronographs.

The AVI’s less sublime predetermination did not discourage me, in any case. Despite what might be expected. There is something wonderful about having confidence in the underdog and acknowledging how awesome it can really be. My Breitling AVI is not the primary emphasis of the line. Similarly as with numerous vintage Breitling replica chronos, the first setup of the reference 765 AVI accompanied dark sub-registers. It even accompanied a peculiar component, not seen in numerous different watches: a computerized readout for the slipped by minutes of the chronograph, where you would for the most part anticipate that the date window will be. Later it embraced a more standard design with two chronograph sub-registers (and one for running seconds), which in the long run were given the brilliant completion found on numerous other Breitling chronographs, from the Navitimer to the Top Time.


The utilitarian way of this Breitling bounced out rapidly, and not just from the larger than usual case. The intelligibility of the shiny dark dial is outstanding, and the enormous sub-dial at 3 o’clock plainly demonstrates where the center is intended to be. It’s likewise important that the chronograph’s 15-minute counter required a change to the standard Valjoux 178, normally set for 30 minutes. Why experience that mechanical inconvenience? This is the place Breitling’s flying roots are self-evident, as 15 minutes was the accurate span of a plane’s pre-flight check required to approve it for departure. This likewise clarifies the one of a kind lume dashes inside the sub-register to check like clockwork, making this normal as simple as could reasonably be expected to time for the pilots and experts included.


This special outline was clearly appealing all alone, yet my Breitling has something additional that, as a Frenchman, I couldn’t help it. Under the Breitling logo, an extra “Lip” mark can be seen over the focal turn for the hands. Those three little letters may be inconspicuous, however they assume a noteworthy part in the watchmaking history of my country. Lip was a surely understood French produce that offered incredible watches at sensible costs, from the exquisite Dauphine to the lively Nautic-Ski. It was such an essential player in France amid the center of the twentieth century that Blancpain and Breitling each looked for an association for nearby dispersion, prompting these twofold marked dials.


This leads us to a truly quirky inquiry that I don’t have the response for: how is it feasible for a watch from 1965 to have a dial with an additional mark from an association that wasn’t made authority until 1966 and didn’t go into full impact until 1967 (as indicated by generally sources)? There are a couple of potential outcomes. One basic clarification is that every one of these years after the fact the real beginning date of the organization has been confounded and it started a year or two prior, even informally. Another, more probable, clarification is that the Lip-Breitling arrangement was gone for dumping Breitling’s less prominent watches in France, so this dial got the Lip stamp after its unique assembling date yet before it was ever sold to a client. There’s a touch of discouraged sentiment to the possibility that this watch sat undesirable, just to get the denoting that makes it so extraordinary today.


Regardless, this watch was obtained at some point in the late ’60s and stayed in the same home until I was sufficiently fortunate to unearth it. It was worn less and less as quartz watches picked up force, and was then totally overlooked in a drawer for a considerable length of time. This is a more continuous way for watches than you may might suspect, and infrequently a wellspring of excellent new-old-stock diamonds. With this watch, the condition is sufficiently a long way from impeccable to make an astonishing day by day wear wristwatch. I find anything excessively flawless scaring – I would prefer not to be the one to put that first scratch on an immaculate bezel or the main ding for a situation that is stayed fresh for a long time – while pieces worn sparingly that have been legitimately appreciated while holding their unique lines are my top choice. For instance, this AVI still has an incredible case, with sharp carries and an opposite panda dial with just light blurring to the files. The steel bezel is in accordance with this general condition as well, with some wear to the eight. Indeed, even the seconds hand, with its somewhat lighter lume, demonstrates that this watch did, at one time, see the light of day before hitting my wrist.


The sheer size and tough style of this 765 AVI make it the ideal supplement to pants and a shirt. I wear mine on either a period-remedy however not unique wristband, which is as agreeable as it is tense looking, or a more repressed NATO strap, similar to the on-screen character Raquel Welch in the motion picture Fathom, an association celebrated by numerous Breitling promotions at the time. Calfskin straps may get some play when the temperatures are cooler, yet this season of year I stay with a NATO for a weekend watch this way.


It’s most likely clear at this point I’m very charmed by this watch, so I’ll quit waxing idyllic in a minute. To me, this Breitling shows everything that I adore about vintage watch gathering, mixing provenance, shocking looks, and a couple of chances to get geeky about the points of interest. Each time I take a gander at the polished dark dial I can’t maintain a strategic distance from rationally making a trip back to Paris, or envisioning myself steering a plane in the glitzy 1960s. Not an awful little time container, is it?


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IWC Portofino Automatic replica watches

Mentioned nations Portofino series, the first people think it should be is its simple, classic look, and elegant and restrained. Portofino series of simple appearance and less complicated watch function, can be said that IWC replica brand entry cornerstone, perhaps you want to enter the world of nations, Portofino is the most likely to start the style.

Portofino design source can be traced back to 1953, a year of 380 models, a simple three-pin, half teardrop style lugs, that is, in 1984 Portofino series published officially predecessor. The first Portofino cheap replica watches is equipped with 5251-type movement is Cal: 9521 – type pocket watch movement, so that the watch case diameter of 46mm, and also with moon phase display. But after that, Portofino series of case began to reduce the size.
In 1988, coincided with the 120th anniversary of the establishment of IWC brand, launched a compact design, temperament elegant Portofino watch 2532 type. This watch with gold case build, and with Roman numerals. In the same year, equipped with a hybrid-type movement Cal.631 Portofino 3731 type watches available, although its timing device consists of 233 parts, but the movement thickness of only 3.8 mm. 1993, IWC launched IWC Portofino watch manual on the chain (model 2010), the thickness of only 1.85 mm ultra-thin movement. The IWC’s family’s thinnest replica watches have been selling to 2005. In 2007, a mechanical chronograph also Jia Rubo Portofino watch collection.


IWC Portofino replica on the chain manual 28 Power Reserve Watch

By 2011, it is the force of Portofino year, with 8-day power reserve Cal.59000 type self-movement series, a manual winding movement stand out, boarded the advanced watchmaking peak: Cal.59210 power chain-type movement manual Portofino 8-day power reserve watches are equipped with strong, only on the chain once a week.

4020 4021
The Portofino basis wristwatch (Model: IW356504), 40 mm 18K rose gold case, a thickness of 9.5 mm, and is suitable for most men the size of the wearer’s wrist.
Milky white dial, just the right layout, so reading clarity. Slender Roman numerals and a rod-shaped hour markers, and lancet pointer 18K rose gold production. Outside black dial transfer minutes, then 60 minutes with red digital interpretation, but also for the dial adds a touch of beautiful color. In addition to displaying the time, date display only an additional feature, coupled with a three pointer to end the show date window, but not too much, just right, which is perhaps the Portofino watch charm.
Case with polished overall, though nice, but after a period of time to wear scratches believe will be more obvious.

4022 4023
Two tranches of operating the crown, adjust the date of a file, the second block adjust the time, since the case is relatively thin, so the operation is more convenient.
If we say that security must also be a simple pin buckle.
Watch caseback engraved Portofino harbor views delicate pattern, equipped Cal.35111 movement, which is based Sellita SW300, can provide 42 hours of power reserve.

4024 4025
Simple, classic, this is the Portofino Automatic watch over the years to keep the secret of success. Three pointer plus a date window at the end of the show, but not too much, just right, which is a symbol of elegant and restrained taste. If you are an introvert and the pursuit of quality of life of people this is your best choice.

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Rolex Daytona replica watches China

Ceramic ring Daytona 2016 Rolex introduced can be said to be labor lost long-awaited watch, really wistfully, as early as in 2011, the Rolex in rose gold 116515LN, as well as 2013’s platinum 50th anniversary limited edition 116 506 on application of the ceramic bezel, many people in fantasy when Rolex introduced ceramic ring steel section Daytona, Rolex always cooked but see the absence, in accordance with their own plans, no matter how consumers ogle market. Finally, in 2016 the Basel Watch Fair, Rolex introduced a watch one of the highlights of this section steel ceramic ring Daytona, this 116500LN ceramic ring Daytona also show the entire table.

Rolex Daytona replica watches China


Rolex Daytona was born in 1963, when the assembly except when Rolex Daytona, Daytona USA coincides with the opening of the racing events, the Rolex watch which will send the selected competition contest designated as timing devices, and ultimately selected, it is also named sources Daytona series. Rolex Daytona experienced 53-year history, still has a classic design that year, in line with the usual practice Rolex, iterative evolution without revolution, which is the preservation of Rolex, the main reason for many of the classic.

Back to today’s protagonist, section steel ceramic ring Daytona, the domestic price is 95,000 yuan, more than the old Daytona expensive, not very different from the physical hardware on the contrast of old and new two Daytona watch, unique obvious difference is the ceramic bezel bezel is the new Daytona biggest bright spot.

Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona
Do not know whether it is the Daytona, I still have to look for some of the parameters of the new ceramic ring Daytona, and still is the integration of the whole cast 904L stainless steel case, 40 mm diameter design, still with screw-in chronograph buttons, familiar crown or triple lock, still waterproof 100 meters, still use the same surface.
New Cosmograph Daytona watch match solid links 904L steel Oyster bracelet, Oyster bracelet with safety clasp to prevent accidental opening buckle. Rolex is also installed on the buckle easy to tune patent links, this extension device cleverly designed, allows the wearer to easily extend the strap of about 5 mm, and are more comfortable to wear in a variety of situations.

Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona
Watch Rolex replica is still equipped with internal self-produced 4130 self-winding movement, and the old section of Daytona as this movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex overhaul, movement structure, cohesion Rolex craftsmanship, greatly streamlining the number of timer component of that now, because Rolex introduced more stringent than the COSC chronometer certification of their own top-level, the new Daytona accuracy of within plus or minus two seconds a day, is also a 5-year warranty.

Overall this is a good watch, but because the market Distribution problems, there are many tables anxious friends want to start by purchasing from other markets due to less demand so prices are rising in tandem all the way, my advice is if you really a friend might want to start again, and so on, then there are at most two months of the domestic market have distribution in place, even when domestic goods less time it will not be purchasing price plus purchasing.

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Breitling Chronograph Exospace B55 replica watches

Follow the “professionals wrist instrument” brand philosophy, ushered in the first smart interactive Breitling chronograph watch with the traditional smart phones are combined to achieve a comprehensive upgrade the functions and operations experience (multifunction movement, dial and hands instructions, and two months of battery life, water-resistant to 100 meters / 330 feet). A designed for aviation professionals to create, a “future” wrist instrument.

Breitling Chronograph Exospace B55 replica watches

Relentless pursuit of superior performance Breitling replica watches brand is timeless tone in every technological innovation process, but also to create Breitling Breitling Chronograph B55 deep space watch the core driving force. The watch features extended and combined with smart phones, this is not difficult, but also by no means the efficient use of the watch will be lower than mobile phones. Breitling Chronograph B55 deep space watch (Exospace B55) still occupy a dominant position in the Internet and smart phones mainly to further enhance the functionality of the watch.


Smartphone-based on-screen display, the advantages of ergonomic operator interface, Breitling Chronograph B55 deep space so users can easily watch (including the time adjustment by phone to complete a series of operations to adjust the watch, time zone converter, alarm settings , display and operating data, night mode, etc.). At the same time, users will also be able Chronograph various types of data (including flight time, time split time, lap times, etc.) uploaded to your smartphone, so that the data reading, storage and delivery easier. Breitling Chronograph B55 deep space This multifunctional electronic chronograph can also receive Internet e-mail smartphone received messages (SMS, WhatsApp message), telephone (including the caller’s name and number) as well as a calendar of upcoming events to remind, is a true daily life chaperone.
Former NASA astronaut, Breitling ambassador Mark Kelly, became one of the first to experience the professionals B55 Breitling chronograph watch from outer space (Exospace B55) superior performance and function.

Invincible wrist instrument

The salient features of this new generation chronograph in its resolute and decisive technical type Appearance: sturdy lightweight titanium or black titanium case, and a unique color TwinPro rubber strap. This set in one of a number of innovative Breitling replica watches UK is equipped with self-B55 movement, simulation and electronic display, and a number of pilots tailored range of innovative features, such as electronic tachometer, up to 50 times a piecewise continuous timing recording, the Down / count timing system (freely switch between countdown and conventional timing operation), as well as aviation-specific “time of flight” timing functions, including recording “full flight” (from the plane began to taxi to take off, until the mission is completed, the total time the plane completely stopped), flight time, date and time of departure, time of arrival and aircraft taking off and landing time. Thanks to simple and easy to use, coherent, strong compatibility of the control system, the use of comfort has improved cheap luxury replica watches, simply by turning the crown easy to select various functions, and by two button start / stop the function. Two clear and easy to read LCD display (LCD) backlighting displays are equipped with high-performance system by tapping the crown or the wrist to tilt more than 35 degrees, the display backlight will automatically turn on the system, this feature in an airplane or when the car is very convenient. Breitling Chronograph B55 deep space watch driven by a rechargeable battery system, equipped with a new multifunction self Breitling B55 movement, this SuperQuartzTM super precision quartz movement is 10 times the standard quartz movement, with representatives of the highest precision and reliable reference Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC).
Breitling Chronograph B55 deep space watch (Exospace B55) from R & D, production and assembly to complete the tests were in Switzerland, where the movement of the base member is also within Ruishi Saud closure ultramodern Breitling chronometer Center (Breitling Chronométrie) build. Smartphone application software development, production also is also done in Switzerland. Breitling obvious choice, highlighting the forefront of innovation in Switzerland manufacturing process.

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Breitling Cockpit B50 replica watches chronograph

Breitling replica launched a new multifunction electronic chronograph load both hands and digital display functions when the brand’s exclusive self-movement, the aviation industry to establish the brand in close partnership again a solid position. Designed to accompany the pilot to perform all tasks designed Breitling Cockpit B50 Chronograph watch (Cockpit B50) with a large number of practical features, it is extremely simple and easy to use, easy to read, is a new pilot wrist instrument.

Breitling Cockpit B50 Chronograph watch (Cockpit B50) playing pure “professionals wrist instrument”, or titanium metal case with natural carbonation process through the high intensity of black titanium, light and sturdy, perfectly rendered its resolute determination technical appearance. What is more important is watch the extraordinary performance and functional, equipped with the new exclusive Breitling-made B50 movement, this accurate than standard quartz movement 10 times SuperQuartzTM super quartz movement has a representative of the highest precision and reliable reference Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC).

A number of innovative features


Breitling Cockpit B50 Chronograph watch (Cockpit B50) especially for professionals (especially the top pilots) tailored to a set number of useful features, fearless with you to perform the most extreme tasks. In addition to split time and returning to the timing functions, the watch is also providing a second time zone display, calendar, dual alarm sound (beep support and / or vibration mode), lap timer function and positive timing alarm sound function. Moreover, Breitling is also equipped with a number of innovative features for watches, electronic tachometer, Down / Count Timing System (freely switch between standard time and countdown operations) as well as aviation-specific “time of flight” time function (by recording starting date and time of arrival to calculate the time of flight). In addition, the cockpit B50 Chronograph watch is also equipped with Coordinated Universal Time function (Coordinated Universal Time, abbreviated UTC, is the reference time used by the aviation sector), which can transform arbitrary time zone. Thanks to extremely sophisticated switching function, simply press a button, you can easily switch pointer display time and digital display of the second time zone, the system will automatically change the date if necessary.

Simple to use, coherent control system


In order to more easily manipulate the many features of the watches, Breitling watches B50 Chronograph cockpit (Cockpit B50) equipped with an extremely simple and easy to use, coherent, strong compatibility of the control system, simply by turning the crown can easily select all entry function, and by two buttons to start / stop the function. In addition, the watch also displays the disk via the LCD screen on the user interface information to guide the wearer to control a variety of practical and convenient extraordinary. In addition to “fly” (pilot) mode, which also provided the movement “Movement” (sport) mode to temporarily simplify options. Continuous pressing the crown twice to instantly at any time “parked” when (parks) pointer to go, so double LCD display is more legible.

Super legible screen display


Breitling Cockpit B50 Chronograph watch (Cockpit B50) figures show that the design is also quite innovations, to ensure that under no circumstances can watch legible. Two black and white liquid crystal display (LCD) backlighting displays are equipped with high-performance system by tapping the crown that is able to launch the high-tech device, regardless of day and night, the LCD screen brightness and clarity are absolutely outstanding , it is a real wrist dashboard. Watch also has exclusive “tilt” (tilt) function when the wearer’s wrist will be tilted to 35 degrees, the display backlight will be automatically turned on, this feature while driving is extremely convenient and efficient airplane or a car. Another amazing new feature is its large number of digital display, the LCD 12 o’clock position to provide 7-digit display, each digit contains 14 strokes, which can be achieved by combining all of the different strokes English letters show, able to provide a more convenient interactive control.

With rechargeable battery


To ensure high performance energy display backlighting system needs, Breitling watches developed specifically for innovative miniature rechargeable battery system that can use external cables and transformers for charging, charging can also be connected to the computer. To ensure the safety and reliability of rechargeable batteries, the system provides a variety of different levels of charge warning, including the central chronograph seconds hand jump seconds warning or stop mode, and “standby” (forthcoming standby) the words warning. It is by virtue of the warning system, the surface appears to halt the operation of the movement was able to temporarily store information in order to prepare when you restart the need to re-adjust all the settings still accurate operation.

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Breitling Bentley replica World Time V8 watches

Breitling Bentley replica World Time V8 watches

To celebrate the new Bentley Continental GT V8 coupe officially released, Breitling inspired by the shock of surging passion speed, launch a special Bentley World Time V8 Chronograph (Bentley GMT “V8”), the world’s limited edition of 250, to this new feature strong and efficient 4.0 liters V8 engine supercar tribute. Bentley World Time V8 Chronograph unique metallic red rotating inner ring dazzling bright, glowing texture full of charming luster, creating a sharp contrast with the black dial, very sporty. This touch of passion dynamic red, and Continental GT V8 sports car red Bentley “B” logo complement each other, symbolizing movement and performance, making it stand out in a British car. Asymmetrical design of the lugs on the bold new stainless steel case can be distinguished Speed ​​competition with steel bracelet or dynamic GMT world time rubber strap, glow in the most extreme passion wrist.

Like a born traveler, when Breitling Bentley World Time V8 Chronograph unique multi-country area display system, cleverly tied to the world time wrist: independent hour hand with red tip hollow triangle to circle 24 hours indicate the time; independent case button on the left to adjust the second time zone display, and to distinguish between day and night; engraved with the names of 24 cities rotating bezel make the world time at a glance, enjoy the luxury and Universal time control of the wrist.

Watch equipped by the Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC), high-performance self-winding chronograph movement, equipped with Breitling exclusive “30 seconds timing system.” The Breitling in 1926 pioneered the invention of surprises that can be provided with a 30 seconds lap around the dial chronograph, 60 seconds to subvert the traditional concept of a circle, so that the timing accuracy of 1/8 second, more precise and efficient and easy to read, to meet the needs of extreme sports timing. Breitling Bentley World Time V8 Chronograph, Bentley V8 engine as the general extraordinary transcendence, worthy of high-performance timepiece model.

【Technical data】
Movement: Breitling 47B automatic winding movement
Certification: Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC)
Frequency: 28,800
Function: timing accuracy of 1/8 seconds, with 30 seconds, 15 minutes and 6 hours totalizer; 24 hours second time zone display; calendar display;
Case: stainless steel
Limit: 250
Waterproof: 100 meters (330 feet / 10 atm)
Bezel: 24 time zones indicated rotating bezel
Glass: cambered sapphire crystal, double-sided anti-glare treatment
Diameter: 49 mm;
Dial: EBONY black, metallic red inner ring;
Strap: GMT world time rubber strap, Speed ​​competition stainless steel bracelet.

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Breitling Superocean Chronograph replica watches

Breitling Superocean replica Chronograph

Breitling Super Ocean series perfect fusion (Superocean) legendary excellent performance and first-class technical design movement, launched a new special series – Super Ocean Chronograph Steel Fish (Superocean Chronograph Steelfish), fearless conquer the deep oceans.

As a truly professional sailing wrist instrument “steel fish” (Steelfish) notable feature is its large one-way ratchet rotating bezel, beautifully carved inlay numerals and scale on the bezel, and covered with black rubber die, coupled with the eye-catching display of date and week double window, giving the watch a unique new professional look. Sturdy steel case with satin matte surface, alternately polished side handle, belt with reinforced guard screw-in crown and unlock button to activate the safety of timing, with 500 meters (1650 feet) water resistance. Large oversized Arabic numerals and pointers are covered with luminous coating, combined with thick double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, to ensure that in any case it has the best readability and clarity.

The new Breitling Super Ocean Chronograph Steel Fish (Superocean Chronograph Steelfish) available in black, silver and blue dial, optional stainless steel bracelet or rubber strap. In order to ensure precise timing can watch in any extreme case, the watch is equipped with extraordinary precision, high-performance self-winding chronograph movement, Breitling as all product movement, through stringent Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC).

【Technical Parameters】
Movement: Breitling Caliber 13, the Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC), automatic winding, 28,800 high wobble, 25 jewels; timing accuracy of 1/4 second, with 30 minutes and 12 hours cumulative timing device; date and week display.
Case: stainless steel; Waterproof up to 500 meters (1,650 feet / 50 atmospheres); screw-down crown and chronograph buttons safety; one-way ratchet rotating bezel; cambered sapphire crystal, double-sided anti-glare treatment; diameter: 44 mm.
Dial: black volcano, sailor blue, silver clouds.
Strap / bracelet: Ocean Racer Ocean race rubber strap, Diver Pro rubber strap dive, Professional professional stainless steel bracelet.

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Breitling Chronomat replica 44 Raven

Cool black case, dial and Breitling 01 movement are decorated with homemade orange element, in contrast to bring dynamic vitality. Breitling Chronomat replica 44 Raven with original design combines superior performance, a new interpretation of the history of the classic aviator watch timepiece spirit.

Breitling Chronomat replica 44 Raven


Born in 1984, Breitling mechanical chronograph (Chronomat) worthy of a model for mechanical chronograph watch, also is the ultimate pilot chronograph. The unique essence of its strong design, combined with “professionals wrist instrument” all standards should have: accurate, robust, easy to read, practical features and a strong waterproof performance, the perfect embodiment of the Breitling brand philosophy. Today, this extraordinary launch count when new limited edition watch more highlight their extraordinary fortitude technical appearance. Carbonization treatment by high strength steel case black satin matte after treatment, with a black rubber strap, full of determination fearless spirit. Unidirectional rotating bezel elaborately carved inlay orange rubber die numerals, and in stark contrast to the black dial, both full of strength and texture and legible. At the same time, the inner ring watch, chronograph seconds hand and small seconds are used totalizer striking orange. Through the transparent sapphire substrate, precision operation made sweeping Breitling 01 movement, more surprising is its black pendulum Tuo also enlivened the orange logo. While this high-performance self-winding chronograph movement with all Breitling chronometer, as have representatives of the highest precision and reliable benchmark Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC). Breitling Chronomat 44 Raven, round display original style and unparalleled performance to attain, accurate interpretation.

Movement: Breitling 01 self-movement, the Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC), automatic winding, 28,800 high wobble, 47 jewels, power reserve of more than 70 hours; timing accuracy of 1/4 second, with 30 minutes and 12 hours totalizer; calendar display.
Case: black steel; waterproof up to 200 meters (660 feet); screw-down crown and chronograph buttons safety; one-way ratchet rotating bezel; cambered sapphire crystal, double-sided anti-glare treatment; transparent sapphire substrate ; diameter: 44 mm.
Dial: black onyx.
Strap: Ocean Racer Ocean race rubber strap, Diver Pro rubber strap dive.

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Breitling Chronomat replica B01

Breitling is basically synonymous with chronograph, and on May 28, 2009, Breitling will authoritatively dispatch the Chronomat B01 with their new in-house programmed winding chronograph development, known as Caliber B01. At first the watch will be accessible at just around 35 retailers in the U.S., with extra retailers going ahead line rapidly. Starting late March, around 2000 pieces had been delivered. Creation will inevitably reach around 50,000 pieces every year.


Breitling Chronomat replica B01

Gauge B01 has been being developed for a long time, and its dispatch matches with Breitling’s 125th commemoration. Another, four-story expansion to Breitling’s office at La Chaux –de-Fonds houses the gauge’s development. The development fuses a segment wheel exchanging system and a vertical grasp, two signs of a well-made chronograph. The vertical grip guarantees that the chronograph seconds hand does not hop when the chronograph is locked in. The B01 has focal chronograph seconds, persistent seconds at 9, and a hopping 30 minute totalizer at 3. The moment change date is situated at 4:30. The date can be changed whenever, including close midnight. The development incorporates a licensed framework for modifying the begin, stop and reset hammers. The 47 gem development utilizes a level hairspring and a smooth equalization wheel. A solitary barrel gives 70 hours of force store. The B01 ticks along at 28,800 vph, and as with all Breitlings, the Chronomat B01 is COSC-guaranteed.


At Basel, Vice-President Jean-Paul Girardin said that Breitling chose to deliver Caliber B01 to fulfill market interest for a production development, and to guarantee Breitling’s future. The organization felt that it must have a solid supply of mechanical chronograph developments, as this sort of watch records for 55% of Breitling’s deals.


The Chronomat B01 measures 43.5mm in distance across and it will be accessible in four forms: all steel, steel with a steel bezel with four gold quarter-hour markers, steel with a gold bezel, and strong 18K (4N) red gold. A sum of 18 diverse dials will be accessible The unidirectional bezel turns easily with 240 teeth. The sapphire gem is against intelligent covered on both sides. Steel and two-tone models are water impervious to 500 meters, while the all-gold model can be brought down to 100 meters.


The Chronomat B01 begins at about $6500 for a steel model on a cowhide strap. The opening cost for the two-tone variant on a wristband is $7770. An all-gold model on a strap will begin at $21,610. The B01 tops out at $44,125 for the red gold and precious stone adaptation on a red gold arm ornament.

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