Breitling Superocean replica watches uk Heritage II

For a brand most famous for its vintage and modern aviation watches, Breitling has been no stranger over the past 60 years to branching outside its usual airborne comfort zone. It all began in 1957 with the company’s release of a dive watch constructed to compete with some of that era’s greats, the original cheap Breitling replica Superocean. Upon the arrival of the Omega Seamasters, Rolex Submariners, and Blancpain Fifty Fathomses, the growing trend of hobby diving ripened the market for new players and new designs, and with this in mind Breitling sought out and succeeded to carve itself a name under the sea as well as in the sky. Today, the Superocean series (or more accurately the Superocean II series), is a collection of robust and highly visible dive watches that combines the styles of dial complexity and rugged construction the brand is best known for. Now, first in 2007 with the Superocean Heritage, and again this year with the Superocean Heritage II, Breitling is once again returning to the roots of the series to produce a watch inspired by the utilitarian pieces that started it all.

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Breitling Superocean Heritage II (right) next to its 1957 predecessor

Arriving to boutiques in both 42-mm and 46-mm steel variations, the new watches feature an array of interesting color combinations — six for both sizes, 120 total if including options for straps. Offering this level of customization is a practice that has long made this brand a fan favorite. Its case uses long, slightly rounded lugs, a large crown with no guards, and a thick ceramic unidirectional bezel with bold indices at the quarter-hour marks (available in either black, maroon, or blue). On its reflective, almost sunburst dial (in silver, blue, black, or maroon) reside applied indices at each hour, bolder at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions, with a double mark above the applied Breitling vintage-style logo and printed descriptors. At the 6 o’clock position rests a date window, and traveling around the dial are the historically inspired arrow and sword hands.

The watch is available in silver, blue, black, and maroon (above) dials.

Powering both the 42 and 46-mm variations is the Breitling Caliber B20, based on the Tudor Caliber MT5612 used in both the Tudor Pelagos and Black Bay series, and capable of a 70-hour power reserve. Interestingly, Breitling replica has opted to advertise the use of Tudor’s movement with the watch, which is a true testament to its high quality and wide appreciation as both brands’ pieces are in relatively similar price categories. With that said, both sizes of the piece are being offered at $4,075, and should become more available in the coming months with the phasing out of the original Superocean Heritage from 2007.

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Breitling Caliber B20 is based on the Tudor MT5612

I don’t think it would be fair to declare this watch as a direct homage to Breitling’s 1957 diver, but the modern piece obviously draws many of its influences from the first few years of the series. On its dial, especially, you’ll notice the all-lower case “superocean” script, the vintage logo (although now in applied gold instead of white print), and the slightly elongated hour and minute hands. While its bezel continues to feature bolding on the quarter hour marks, its crown offers a slight roundness and Breitling has nixed the modern addition of crown guards. Also, the lugs have a length and cut to them reminiscent of the vintage piece.

The modern piece’s bezel is made of ceramic.

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The differences between the two, however, are much more stark. Besides modern manufacturing updates like the ceramic bezel and luxury replica watches finishing, the contemporary piece has forgone a few key dial elements that distinguish it from its ancestor. Most obvious is its lack of circular, luminescent quarter-hour markers, but also noticeable is its use of rectangular and trapezoidal applied hour indices as compared to the vintage model’s wedge markers, which were both printed and applied. The date window, while certainly a useful addition (and one available due to the Tudor movement), was also not present in the earliest models of the watch. Finally, while the modern case certainly derives its influences from the mid-20th century model, its bezel is significantly more decorated through contemporary refinement, and its lugs have lost some of the thin sharpness of the past.

The hour indices and date window are modern additions.

While vintage Breitling Superocean models are sometimes overshadowed in auction houses and private collections by its Golden Era competitors, they are still extraordinary watches to find and maintain a good name for themselves in what often seems like a mythologized period of horology. With that said, while the modern watch is by no means a direct re-creation, or even a re-interpretation — it’s more a modern watch with an array of historical influences — this may be for the better. While plenty of vintage-watch aficionados — not excluding myself — would love to see those circular hour markers on that simple and straightforward tool watch, Breitling’s choice to pay homage but not copy may well pay off in this interesting contemporary piece. Hopefully, it will at the very least raise the mystique and rarity surrounding its vintage forefather, and then we could well see the arrival of a true vintage homage piece — perhaps for its 70th or 75th anniversary.

The Superocean Heritage II retains the original model’s lack of crown guards.

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breitling navitimer replica 01 blacksteel

Although you’ll find Breitling not very often covered on this – and other – websites, they are still highly in demand according to the numbers we showed you last week. The Navitimer is our favorite Breitling model and comes in many variations. One of the models that looks a tad bit different from the others is this Breitling Navitimer 01 Blacksteel. Let’s have a look.

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Just recently I had a Navitimer in my hands from someone who was visiting our office. A Breitling Navitimer with an automatic B23 calibre (based on Valjoux 7753), probably from around 2011 or 2012. How different is the look of this Breitling Navitimer replica 01 Blacksteel compared to the Valjoux 7753 powered classic. A DLC case, and comes on a sporty rubber strap instead of the typical stitched calf or alligator strap. A stealth looking timepiece, with its black dial, brushed hands and rubber black strap. Inside, the Navitimer 01 Blacksteel uses the B01 calibre. An in-house column-wheel chronograph movement that gradually replaced all the Valjoux powered movements.
Breitling introduced a blacksteel version before, being a Cosmonaute and a Navitimer 1461 with complete calendar running correctly for 1,461 days and was limited to 1000 pieces. However, you can wonder what the future of DLC is these days. It isn’t exactly scratch resistant and companies – like Breitling – are exploring new black materials like ceramics and carbon. Breitling even came up with their own carbon-like material called Breitlight (which isn’t carbon as we know it from other brands), for their Avenger Hurricane. Breitlings high-performance show piece last year was their Chronoworks, with a ceramic case. Other brands that can be found in the same price range, like IWC, Panerai and Omega, also seem to have chosen for ceramics over DLC. We’ve spoken to an authorized Breitling dealer and were told that they feel ceramics – or even Breitlight – is the way to go for these type of watches.

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Having said that, I wonder if the customer really cares about the used materials or that he (or she) is more interested in the aesthetics. Keep in mind though, that this watch has a diameter of a whopping 46mm. Such a large watch often means that it will see the occasional doorpost or wall. I agree with the authorized Breitling dealer, that ceramics and carbon-like material is probably the way forward.

A Real Navitimer
The above might sound a bit negative, but it is just an observation and has little to do with what I think of this Breitling Navitimer 01 Blacksteel. Although it looks a bit different, and perhaps aimed at a different type of customer, it remains to be a real Navitimer. Just like the original model from 1952 (and onwards), it has a circular slide rule (that probably no-one under 50 years old knows how to use, unless you’re into maths) that will help pilots to calculate fuel consumption, rate of descent, ground speed etc. Unlike most Navitimer watches, this Blacksteel version has only two sub dials. A 30 minute chronograph (3 o’clock) counter and running seconds (9 o’clock). The brushed hands are very easy to read, due to the red tips. The large chronograph second hand is also red. At 12 o’clock you’ll find the Breitling wings, logo and at 6 o’clock the date window. Just above the date window, the text indicates that – like many Breitling watches – the movement has been chronometer certified. I am not sure why it also indicates it is a chronograph, I think that’s very obvious. It is like writing ‘Date’ on a dial of a watch that has a date feature.
The 46mm case has the same classic shape as the regular Navitimer models. An iconic piece has been retouched to a modern black chronograph and it suits him well. No crown guards, but a large setting/winding crown and pump pushers. A thin but easy to grasp bezel and long sleek lugs. The caseback reveals the Breitling Calibre B01 movement.

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The B01 movement is Breitling’s in-house chronograph caliber, with a power reserve of 70 hours. Our friends over at WatchBase have a complete overview of all Breitling models using this particular movement. From what we hear from our ‘Fratello’ watchmaker who performs quite a bit of Breitling services, the B01 movement is not without faults. Especially the winding gears are a tricky part of the movement. This might be the case with only older B01 movements though. In a little survey we found on Breitling Source, 66 people were asked if they ran into issues with the movement. 17 people did and 15 of them had to offer the watch for service in order to get it fixed. Of course, 66 people isn’t that much to start with and it has been posted a while ago. So let’s hope that the more recent B01 calibre movement have been adjusted and are error free.
One thing is certain, the movement looks nice. The rotor is black to match the case (and concept of the piece in general) and the watch has a nice finish. Côtes de Geneve on the plate, nicely finished bridges and a column-wheel chronograph mechanism. It is the direct competitor of Rolex’ caliber 4130 (Daytona) and the Omega caliber 9300 family of movements.

Breitling offers five years of international warranty. That is also in line with Rolex (5 years) and Omega’s (4 years) policy on their own in-house movements.
Some Thoughts
I think this watch is pretty awesome, especially if you are looking past the iconic Navitimer models and want something more modern looking without loosing to much of its heritage. The Breitling Navitimer 01 Blacksteel will set you back a firm 8740 Euro (including taxes). That is not cheap, but still cheaper than Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon (ceramic) or the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona (stainless steel with ceramic bezel). You can wonder though, if someone is really comparing these three watches or just want to purchase a Breitling. Even though we – and most of our colleagues – don’t write about Breitling that much, they still have a huge fanbase and for some it has a higher ‘status symbol’ attraction than a Rolex for example. We had to really dig into the Breitling website and make some calls to get more information about this particular Breitling. They don’t make life easier with their rather unstructured / chaotic website. You actually have to click on the normal Navitimer 01 (46mm) and find this particular Blacksteel model under ‘versions’. Now you know.

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