Since March this year, starting from Geneva, Breitling Douglas DC-3 in the successful completion of a grand tour of the world after the smooth return to Switzerland, in 2017 Breitling Sion Airshow (Breitling Replica Watches Sion Airshow 2017) heavy debut. One hundred thousand enthusiastic fans have witnessed this is still a good ability to fly the legendary aircraft is another extraordinary feat, and together to celebrate its 77th birthday.

To share its passion for the aerospace industry with the global minds, the Breitling Replica opened the Douglas DC-3 Global Tour, via the Balkans, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, the Pacific and North America. In the Italian Air Force “three-color arrow” stunt flight demonstration team (Frecce Tricolori) under the escort, the twin-engine propeller aircraft finally arrived in Xixiang, Switzerland, for the trip to the world draw a full stop.

At the news conference, Captain Francisco Agullo shared the 45,374 km (24,500 nautical miles) grand tour of the world and the story behind it. Breitling also decided to donate 2 Swiss francs to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) for every one mile flight. And the Breitling Jetta DC-3 together in the 2017 Centennial Legend of the Xijiang flying shine there are other special effects flight team and Breitling flight ambassadors, package Breitling Jet Team (Breitling Jet Team), Breitling Air Walk stunt flight team (Breitling Wingwalkers ) And Franky Zapata, who fly the Flyboard® Air flying skateboard.

Flying legend, wrist classic
Crew and part of the VIP is not the only passenger to conquer the sky veterans. In order to commemorate this event, Breitling specifically for its air time series Navitimer – since 1952 launched since the pilots and aviation fans sought after by the legendary watch launched a limited edition, they accompany the Breitling Douglas DC-3 together to complete this The world tour, witnessed the adventure of every stay in the journey and every brilliant moment of flight. The 500-year-old Carnival “The Breitling Douglas DC-3 Global Tour” limited edition watch will be accompanied by the autographed autographed air log to the hands of the lucky customer, which details every takeoff And landing time, voyage time, the name of the pilot and the weather conditions at that time, through illustrations, a step by step to reproduce the legendary aircraft and classic watch each other’s epic journey.

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