We focus on the cause of various heart chase more experience, make life burning life always full of passion, which is the main Breitling watch life creed. Switzerland’s top independent watch brand Breitling (Breitling) not only skilled watchmaking, more focus on customer experience, unique and exclusive brand very rare experience for the ultimate Grand Master table – got into the L-39C Albatros military trainer aircraft, and Breitling jets together Chongshangyunxiao defy gravity; join Breitling Basel enjoy top private party, the whole experience a passion crazy feast for the senses; visit Breitling chronometer center, a gold Secret birth of professional timepieces. Each journey will be beyond imagination, every minute of the journey will undoubtedly become your lifetime Tokimeki Memorial. Welcome to the Breitling replica world!

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Enjoy pride in the clouds and fog in flight: aerobatics feel Wyatt’s

Set the speed, precision, courage in one, Breitling Jets (Breitling Jet Team) is currently the world’s largest professional civilian jet aerobatic team. This unique interpretation of the flight team with a common brand Breitling, the most cherished values: excellent performance, accurate and reliable, aesthetic connotation and innovation. Powerful flight team car –L-39C Albatros (Albatros) two-seat military trainer jet, in addition to aerobatics can be used for passenger flights. Grand master Breitling watch can not only visit the site, flying close watch thrilling aerobatics team, a chance to sit in the rear compartment L-39C, together with elite pilots get rid of gravity, fly. When the aircraft into the sky an instant, wanton passion will fly instantly occupy your mind, meet together to stimulate an unprecedented experience it. As long as you are bold enough, tough heart, Breitling ace will not let this become a flight leisurely leisurely sightseeing air – pulled up speed, vertical dive, 360-degree flip, super close-formation flight …… all kinds of unimaginable aerobatic action will instantly pulled nearly 500 G-force, turns out to be broken through the clouds and fog in enjoying a great ambition. When the flight draws to a close, please remember to look extravehicular, take a look at the beautiful views of the land in Europe, I believe this will be no better this flight gluttonous “dessert.”


Breitling Premier table’s primary experience

Breitling jet aerobatic honorable master table and Breitling Jets elite pilot photo Breitling Jets staged a thrilling aerobatics

In reality carnival willful subversion release: Breitling replica watches Basel enjoy top private party


Basel International Watch Fair every year as the most watched program, the annual Breitling Basel’s top private parties enjoy attracting attention around the world who love the table, it is leading the latest wave of fashion theme party, called the industry ” not miss the most activity during the Basel watch Fair, “a ticket is hard. There are sexy mysterious angel showing off Breitling grace; invites heaven, earth Gongchoujiaocuo metamorphosis of a dream-like world; hot body, hot radiant girl surrounded by an all kinds of musical styles turns debut high turn the audience;. All guests need not care about other people’s eyes, even if there is no dance background, you can still become an excellent dancer. Light sip intoxicating wine, under the guidance of enthusiastic dancers, together with the rhythm of the music carefree swing, immersed in the atmosphere of singing and drinking into the longitudinal enjoy exclusive Breitling Exclusive dazzling moment …… annual party themes different, highly personalized, replica Breitling boundless imagination and whimsy always unexpected dimensions. Breitling distinguished from around the world have the opportunity to be invited to the main table to experience this crazy passion and boundless imagination visual feast, release or will explore the true self in Breitling carefully crafted extraordinary world.


Time extraordinary precision etched in confusion: Quest Breitling chronometer Center

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Breitling is the only one equipped with the most accurate and reliable movement of the famous watch brand to its full line of replica watches, all movement of all 11 large watches (including mechanical and quartz watches) all have Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC) – this is representative of the highest precision and reliability benchmarks. Breitling Ruishi Saud seal (La Chaux-de-Fonds) have built a Breitling chronometer Center (Breitling Chronométrie), mechanical chronograph movement dedicated to the development and production. Grand master table Breitling will also have the opportunity to be invited to visit the in-depth all aspects of Breitling chronometer production process, from screening to finished product testing, including assembly of each procedure, as well as oil, tuning parts and other steps, close feel Breitling watchmaking craftsmanship. It is this relentless pursuit of excellence in performance, inspired Breitling constantly develop more advanced quality movement and more stringent production process, dedicated to customers build extraordinary precision timepieces Pierre.

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