More than a few brands refer to their cheap replica watches offerings as ‘tools’ or ‘instruments’, but only one replica watches uk can lay claim to the ability to alert the outside world to an emergency situation – as well as guide them to your location: the Breitling Emergency. These potentially lifesaving electronics are now housed in a lightweight titanium case with a satin finish carbon coating. Joining the dual frequency transmitter inside the very large 51.5mm case is the thermo-compensated Breitling Superquartz timekeeper guaranteed to be up to ten times more accurate than a typical quartz movement. In fact, Breitling replica watches has each Emergency Night Mission certified by COSC as a quartz-controlled chronometer accurate to +/- 0.07 seconds per day which equates to less than 26 seconds per year!Emergency Night Mission

Three variations of the new Night mission include two versions that are all business in either orange or yellow with matching accents on the dial, while the third adds a bit of style with a blue mother of pearl dial that emulates the undulating surface of the ocean. Functionally all three are identical and if ever needed for a true emergency, you simply unscrew the over-size crown and extend the wire antenna to activate the SAR protocols of the dual frequency system. Pricing lands the orange and yellow versions at $18,970, with the MOP dial slightly more expensive at $19,420.


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Emergency Night Mission
A leader in the art of chronograph technologies, Breitling fake watches dedicated its high-performance instruments to both the professional aviator and enthusiast alike. Each Breitling replica timepiece has earned a COSC-certification and is entirely constructed in house. The reliable timepieces have graced the wrists of adventurers from sky, to land and sea.

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