Classic watch design, will be widely circulated over time, become the legendary history of the brand. In this year’s Geneva Advanced Watch Salon (SIHH), the Swiss senior brand Vacheron Constantin to remodel the traditional elements of the way we bring a lot of surprises, the new series is a unique series of unique design, simple but practical function of the re-interpretation of the watch Mechanical timepieces of the classic beauty, has become the focus of attention to the viewer. One of the Vacheron Constantin heritage series of moon phase and reverse jump calendar watch is extremely out of color, which cheap replica watches continues the inheritance series has always been purely simple style, elegant and charming moon phase function and reverse jump calendar show the perfect combination to show wrist Table is both classic and very unique connotation of the charm. (Watch model: 4010U / 000R-B329)

Consistent, reshape the traditional classic elements
The new moon phase and reverse jump calendar watch is the brand of classic double reverse watch 86020 a bold, innovative changes. Vacheron Constantin replica with fun full moon phase display instead of the original design at 6 o’clock position of the reverse jump week, so watch the overall look and has a modern needs and aesthetics. As a lot of friends of the ideal watch, Vacheron Constantin’s double reverse jump watch to unique design, simple and practical function, the interpretation of the traditional charm of mechanical watch, it is desirable. This year’s new watch, also continued this personalized curved reverse jump calendar instructions to reshape the traditional classic elements of the new models show the unique style.
Unique design makes the moon phase display more accurate

Watch show
Unique watch design, so that this has a classic beauty of the excellent time more content. Brand through the brand proprietary watchmaking process, so that the watch has a very consistent period of operation with the celestial bodies. Under normal operation, only need to adjust once every 122 years. This convenient design makes the watch wearer save a lot of debugging trouble.

Watch case and lugs show
With 18K 5N pink gold case, polished by the fine grinding, the pink gold material soft, delicate gloss all show, very beautiful. And the line of natural smooth pink gold ear ear and the case completely integrated to show the overall replica watches uk ornamental.

Watch reverse jump function display
Simple atmosphere on the dial, the three-dimensional sense of the “bead” minute scale circle and 18K 5N pink gold inlaid when the standard full and classic, show Vacheron Constantin’s unique details of charm. In the two details of the design of the background against the date of reverse jump function plate solemn and elegant, Arabic numerals date mark is very eye-catching, whether it is time display or date display can be easily identified to improve the wearer’s view efficiency.

Watch moon phase display window display
6 timeline above the moon phase display disc exquisite and rich connotation, in addition to debugging convenience, its itself has a high ornamental.
Both the value and the function of the core

Watch back cover display
The watch comes with Vacheron Constantin’s original new 2460 R31L self-winding movement, containing 275 parts, with about 40 hours of power reserve, all the dial function can be easily adjusted through the crown. Movement engraved with the Geneva mark certification, to ensure that the moon phase display and reverse the accuracy of the calendar. And these functions can be adjusted through the crown settings, convenient and quick. And the use of 22K gold automatic pendulum Tuo, classic decoration and unique logo logo design to make this watch more perfect modification of the fake watches uk.

Watch the overall display
Summary: and the brand of other new, the same with this watch with a hand-sewn Mississippi crocodile leather strap, after riding a sewing process, the generous pattern is more natural mature, and pink gold shell against each other, given the wearer Wrist Classic and Traditional Beauty. It can be said that the fine workmanship, rich connotation of the Vacheron Constantin replica uk heritage series of moon phase and reverse jump calendar cheap fake watches is this year is more excellent new items, if you like, do not consider it.

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