The classic heritage of the brand and innovation is the development of modern watch a major trend, it is deeply rooted in the traditional tabulation of culture. Vacheron Constantin replica is also the case, Overseas series from the past, “222 Model” watch design inspiration to capture the spirit of travel and the attitude of the world-based, the integration of a variety of superb technology, and soon became a manifestation of Vacheron Constantin skills level Representative. Over the years, Vacheron Constantin has been continuously developed and perfected Overseas series of vertical and horizontal, and this year, Vacheron Constantin fake launched a new overseas vertical and horizontal ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch, a thin body to show the brand watchmaking skills superb, the following watch Home editing with a taste of its style. (Official model: 4300V / 120G-B102)


Geneva Seal, stick to 130 years of solemn commitment


Geneva inscribed inside the movement

Vacheron Constantin fake uk overseas series all engraved with the Geneva Seal certification. As the most authoritative logo to achieve the quality of the Geneva mark was born in 1886, by the independent and neutral institutions for certification, it is not only a proof of origin of the timepiece, but also its superior quality and distinguished performance of the distinguished symbol. Geneva mark only issued to the assembly in Geneva, the assembly of the watch, while the movement structure and performance of the watch also meet a series of extremely stringent requirements of the standard.
For consumers, the Geneva mark is the origin of the watch, durability, precision and expertise to ensure that the four, in the production of ultra-high production standards under the supervision of the most durable and most aesthetic texture of the perfect , While respecting and tradition of handmade craftsmanship. Since 1901, Vacheron Constantin has been the most loyal spokesperson for the Geneva Seal.

High cold range full of platinum case


Watch case display

18K white gold case diameter of 41.5 mm, thickness of 8.1 mm, the ultimate slim, with anti-magnetic soft iron device, watch the appearance of the curve to ensure that its watch chain or strap seamlessly, Platinum is not as gold as publicity, always full of high cold temperament, aristocratic style is more intense. Soft luster, showing a sense of low-key luxury.

Watch dial display

The matte finish is exceptionally conspicuous, with a velvety smooth minute circle, 18K gold hour markers, hour and minute hands with a white luminous coating, in a dark environment has been able to observe the time, To ensure the best readability. 3 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock position, respectively, with the date, week and month display, time information at a glance. Moon phase profit and loss display at 6 o’clock in the top, to charm blue sky as the background, this watch adds elegant temperament.

Watch crown display

The same 18k white gold crown with non-slip texture design for the operation of the watch does not provide a guarantee for the slip. After polishing the lug and case as exudes platinum aristocratic noble cold light, soft texture, the crown decorated with semi-Maltese cross decoration, the unique charm of the brand blowing, very beautiful.

Watch the ultra-thin degree of display

Watch the thickness of 8.1 mm, from real shot figure, the elegant and it has been very slim. This performance highlights the Vacheron Constantin watchmakers unique skills.

Watch movement display

Watch using a back through the process, through the transparent blue crystal back cover, you can see the movement of the operation, do not have some fun. Equipped with 1120 QP self-winding mechanical movement developed by Vacheron Constantin. It contains 276 parts, 36 pieces of gemstones, 19,800 vibrations per hour (2.75 hertz) and 22K gold pendulum, providing about 40 hours Power reserve.

Watch strap display

With a replaceable platinum bracelet and easy to remove and replace the device, and with the same section of the white gold pinhole buckle leather and rubber strap each one.

Watch the show

Summary: This watch for the remodeling of its iconic Vacheron Constantin classic series – Oversas one of the series in the world. Classic fashion appearance, practical week, date, month and other display features, ultra-thin high-cold 18k white gold material show not the same aristocratic feelings. In a few days ago did not carefully observe the big moon regret can be recovered in the watch moon phase function. Like this watch the table may wish to consider starting Oh friends.

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