Follow the “professionals wrist instrument” brand philosophy, ushered in the first smart interactive Breitling chronograph watch with the traditional smart phones are combined to achieve a comprehensive upgrade the functions and operations experience (multifunction movement, dial and hands instructions, and two months of battery life, water-resistant to 100 meters / 330 feet). A designed for aviation professionals to create, a “future” wrist instrument.

Breitling Chronograph Exospace B55 replica watches

Relentless pursuit of superior performance Breitling replica watches brand is timeless tone in every technological innovation process, but also to create Breitling Breitling Chronograph B55 deep space watch the core driving force. The watch features extended and combined with smart phones, this is not difficult, but also by no means the efficient use of the watch will be lower than mobile phones. Breitling Chronograph B55 deep space watch (Exospace B55) still occupy a dominant position in the Internet and smart phones mainly to further enhance the functionality of the watch.


Smartphone-based on-screen display, the advantages of ergonomic operator interface, Breitling Chronograph B55 deep space so users can easily watch (including the time adjustment by phone to complete a series of operations to adjust the watch, time zone converter, alarm settings , display and operating data, night mode, etc.). At the same time, users will also be able Chronograph various types of data (including flight time, time split time, lap times, etc.) uploaded to your smartphone, so that the data reading, storage and delivery easier. Breitling Chronograph B55 deep space This multifunctional electronic chronograph can also receive Internet e-mail smartphone received messages (SMS, WhatsApp message), telephone (including the caller’s name and number) as well as a calendar of upcoming events to remind, is a true daily life chaperone.
Former NASA astronaut, Breitling ambassador Mark Kelly, became one of the first to experience the professionals B55 Breitling chronograph watch from outer space (Exospace B55) superior performance and function.

Invincible wrist instrument

The salient features of this new generation chronograph in its resolute and decisive technical type Appearance: sturdy lightweight titanium or black titanium case, and a unique color TwinPro rubber strap. This set in one of a number of innovative Breitling replica watches UK is equipped with self-B55 movement, simulation and electronic display, and a number of pilots tailored range of innovative features, such as electronic tachometer, up to 50 times a piecewise continuous timing recording, the Down / count timing system (freely switch between countdown and conventional timing operation), as well as aviation-specific “time of flight” timing functions, including recording “full flight” (from the plane began to taxi to take off, until the mission is completed, the total time the plane completely stopped), flight time, date and time of departure, time of arrival and aircraft taking off and landing time. Thanks to simple and easy to use, coherent, strong compatibility of the control system, the use of comfort has improved cheap luxury replica watches, simply by turning the crown easy to select various functions, and by two button start / stop the function. Two clear and easy to read LCD display (LCD) backlighting displays are equipped with high-performance system by tapping the crown or the wrist to tilt more than 35 degrees, the display backlight will automatically turn on the system, this feature in an airplane or when the car is very convenient. Breitling Chronograph B55 deep space watch driven by a rechargeable battery system, equipped with a new multifunction self Breitling B55 movement, this SuperQuartzTM super precision quartz movement is 10 times the standard quartz movement, with representatives of the highest precision and reliable reference Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC).
Breitling Chronograph B55 deep space watch (Exospace B55) from R & D, production and assembly to complete the tests were in Switzerland, where the movement of the base member is also within Ruishi Saud closure ultramodern Breitling chronometer Center (Breitling Chronométrie) build. Smartphone application software development, production also is also done in Switzerland. Breitling obvious choice, highlighting the forefront of innovation in Switzerland manufacturing process.

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