Breitling replica launched a new multifunction electronic chronograph load both hands and digital display functions when the brand’s exclusive self-movement, the aviation industry to establish the brand in close partnership again a solid position. Designed to accompany the pilot to perform all tasks designed Breitling Cockpit B50 Chronograph watch (Cockpit B50) with a large number of practical features, it is extremely simple and easy to use, easy to read, is a new pilot wrist instrument.

Breitling Cockpit B50 Chronograph watch (Cockpit B50) playing pure “professionals wrist instrument”, or titanium metal case with natural carbonation process through the high intensity of black titanium, light and sturdy, perfectly rendered its resolute determination technical appearance. What is more important is watch the extraordinary performance and functional, equipped with the new exclusive Breitling-made B50 movement, this accurate than standard quartz movement 10 times SuperQuartzTM super quartz movement has a representative of the highest precision and reliable reference Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC).

A number of innovative features


Breitling Cockpit B50 Chronograph watch (Cockpit B50) especially for professionals (especially the top pilots) tailored to a set number of useful features, fearless with you to perform the most extreme tasks. In addition to split time and returning to the timing functions, the watch is also providing a second time zone display, calendar, dual alarm sound (beep support and / or vibration mode), lap timer function and positive timing alarm sound function. Moreover, Breitling is also equipped with a number of innovative features for watches, electronic tachometer, Down / Count Timing System (freely switch between standard time and countdown operations) as well as aviation-specific “time of flight” time function (by recording starting date and time of arrival to calculate the time of flight). In addition, the cockpit B50 Chronograph watch is also equipped with Coordinated Universal Time function (Coordinated Universal Time, abbreviated UTC, is the reference time used by the aviation sector), which can transform arbitrary time zone. Thanks to extremely sophisticated switching function, simply press a button, you can easily switch pointer display time and digital display of the second time zone, the system will automatically change the date if necessary.

Simple to use, coherent control system


In order to more easily manipulate the many features of the watches, Breitling watches B50 Chronograph cockpit (Cockpit B50) equipped with an extremely simple and easy to use, coherent, strong compatibility of the control system, simply by turning the crown can easily select all entry function, and by two buttons to start / stop the function. In addition, the watch also displays the disk via the LCD screen on the user interface information to guide the wearer to control a variety of practical and convenient extraordinary. In addition to “fly” (pilot) mode, which also provided the movement “Movement” (sport) mode to temporarily simplify options. Continuous pressing the crown twice to instantly at any time “parked” when (parks) pointer to go, so double LCD display is more legible.

Super legible screen display


Breitling Cockpit B50 Chronograph watch (Cockpit B50) figures show that the design is also quite innovations, to ensure that under no circumstances can watch legible. Two black and white liquid crystal display (LCD) backlighting displays are equipped with high-performance system by tapping the crown that is able to launch the high-tech device, regardless of day and night, the LCD screen brightness and clarity are absolutely outstanding , it is a real wrist dashboard. Watch also has exclusive “tilt” (tilt) function when the wearer’s wrist will be tilted to 35 degrees, the display backlight will be automatically turned on, this feature while driving is extremely convenient and efficient airplane or a car. Another amazing new feature is its large number of digital display, the LCD 12 o’clock position to provide 7-digit display, each digit contains 14 strokes, which can be achieved by combining all of the different strokes English letters show, able to provide a more convenient interactive control.

With rechargeable battery


To ensure high performance energy display backlighting system needs, Breitling watches developed specifically for innovative miniature rechargeable battery system that can use external cables and transformers for charging, charging can also be connected to the computer. To ensure the safety and reliability of rechargeable batteries, the system provides a variety of different levels of charge warning, including the central chronograph seconds hand jump seconds warning or stop mode, and “standby” (forthcoming standby) the words warning. It is by virtue of the warning system, the surface appears to halt the operation of the movement was able to temporarily store information in order to prepare when you restart the need to re-adjust all the settings still accurate operation.

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