Breitling replica has just released a new Navitimer Héritage, modeling as in the past, it is this aviation table expert ace, of course, back to the past, it dates back to 1952, the original era of aviation chronograph watch the birth of the year. In fact, look at the fifties of last century, a lot of military timepieces into the folk, because the end of the war, high-tech from the front into the ordinary people home is normal, so this time with manual measurement of height, distance and flight time Flying slide replica watches, both practical and has its unique sense of design, some people like the dial on the dense figures brought the elements. Of course, this time the special edition cheap replica  watches, the table is slightly smaller, using the traditional 42mm, not the same as the ordinary version of the table is 44 or 46mm. Black or blue dial with the same color of the cumulative device, two-way rotating bezel and ring flying scale, equipped with modified from the general self-winding timing of the 13 movement, also received the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC), the daily deviation -4 / 6 seconds between.

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