As the most iconic Breitling watch, one of the ten classic watches of the 20th century, Breitling Chronograph Aviation (Navitimer) continuous production since its inception more than 60 years, has become the world’s oldest legend in production machinery Chronograph, enduring.
In 1884, the talented Lyon • Breitling (Léon Breitling) in the Swiss Jura (Jura) establish a professional manufacture chronograph and timer Workshops, with strict precision timekeeping, Breitling quickly became a leader in the Swiss watch industry . In 1931, the global aviation industry gradually rise. Discerningly Breitling launched an exclusive masterpiece – the first designed for the automotive and aircraft instrument panel and dashboard design cockpit timer. Cockpit timer is rapidly becoming one of Breitling’s flagship product, world-renowned. However, the Breitling dream more ambitious: To pilot a customized wrist flight calculator, easy to handle and can be required for a variety of aviation operations. This is the famous Breitling flight annular slider (Circular Slide Rule).

This genius idea was originally introduced in 1942, the use of Breitling mechanical chronograph on Chronomat. And after the mathematician Marcel • Robert (Marcel Robert), together with the improved test times, Breitling and finally in 1952 the ring flying slider assembled to watch – the number “806” in aviation chronograph and will be named “Navitimer”, namely “navigation” (navigation) and “timer” (timing) of the abbreviation. Because this wrist flight instruments capable of various operations necessary for aviation, Navitimer to become the world’s largest aviation industry associations – World Pilots Association (AOPA) designated flight-specific tables, and soon became the flagship of Breitling watches, so far still subject to pilots and aviation fans in hot pursuit.

Breitling replica uk Chronograph Aviation astronaut watch (Navitimer Cosmonaute)


In 1962, US astronaut Scott Carpenter • (Scott Carpenter) on the 7th major driving Aurora space capsule orbiting the Earth three times, was wearing the one with 24-hour scale aviation Breitling Chronograph Navitimer, while making it the world’s first space travel Chronograph. When this conquest of space pioneer meter subsequently became standard Breitling watches, named Breitling air time astronauts watch (Navitimer Cosmonaute).

Breitling Chronograph 01 aviation watch (Navitimer 01)


2011, by the pilot and aviation fan favorite aviation chronograph, equipped with Breitling milestone in the brand development process made 01 automatic winding movement, power reserve up to 70 hours. Performance, stable and reliable development process for the new movement this classic watch Adds strength to; at the same time, an upgraded version of the 18K gold Breitling wings logo, meaning a new start. Cutting-edge technology and the perfect fusion of classic elegance, interpretation of the Breitling chronograph brand philosophy, worthy of the “Ultimate Edition” Aviation Chronograph.

AOPA Aviation Breitling Chronograph limited edition watch (Navitimer AOPA limited series)


By 2015, Breitling launched Breitling AOPA Aviation Chronograph limited edition watch (Navitimer AOPA limited series), was elected to this world Pilots Association (AOPA) Official Table legendary watches tribute. World Pilots Association was established in 1939 in the United States, the world’s largest aviation industry association. For this reason, the last century, the fifties and sixties launched a variety of aviation Breitling Chrono watch AOPA has special logo. For more perfectly re-release of this enduring legend masterpiece, the new Breitling AOPA Aviation Chronograph limited edition watch (Navitimer AOPA limited series) appeared in the World Pilots Association (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) iconic double arc black dial shaped small wing, and also engraved on the bottom of the table while this unique and glorious fine logo.

Breitling Chronograph Aviation 1884 watch (Navitimer 1884)


In this year, it is the introduction of Breitling Chronograph 1884 Breitling aviation watch (Navitimer 1884) in honor since 1884 has been tradition since the brand culture. Which watch brand set two classic designs in one, one aviation Chrono watch (Navitimer) since 1952 with the advent of the famous ring that is flying slider; in addition, the use of the 1940’s hottest calendar date pointer red half-moon dial design centers on two side by side windows will display the week and month. This design from the 1940s best-selling Breitling Datora watch. In addition, this watch includes a pilot popular favor practical details –9 o’clock small seconds dial with an additional 24 “military time,” independent display, a clear distinction between day and night so that the wearer can easily and accurately adjust the calendar.

Breitling air time 01 limited edition watch (Navitimer 01 Ltd)


To become an enduring classic watch, it must mean that it has a strong ability to design and self-innovation. Aviation Chronograph continue to integrate into the distinctive fresh inspiration. Also in this year, Breitling has released a new Breitling air time 01 limited edition watch. Which exclusive limited edition 1000 watch, which was significantly characterized by: carefully polished dark gray dial presents radial light, glowing texture attractive gloss black totalizer complement each other; dial on silver chassis with extremely fine the “par épargne” technology crafted, watch added a bit more masculine charm, finally showing a unique, high-tech, full sense of power watch.
Hundred years, aviation chronograph watches Breitling brand witnessed countless push Chen innovation, but also carries a lot of memorable historic moment. Time flies, Breitling always forget the early heart, adhering to create “professionals wrist instrument” concept, and constantly casting new classics, writing a flying legend.

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