Breitling Jet Team replica, the world’s largest civil professional jet performing aerobatic team, has just concluded its two-year tour in the United States and Canada, announcing the first successful US trip. During the “Breitling Jets Tour to the United States”, seven pilots toured the L-39C Albatros with a thrilling performance that won the audience’s admiration and applause – flying at speeds of up to 700 kilometers per hour Less than three meters apart when the minimum distance. In the 30 airshow, 70 public performances, stop 35 states, the accumulated mileage of nearly 46,300 kilometers, the Swiss watchmaking independent brands Breitling fake watches ambassador in October 21 to 23 Landed in California during the first Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow (Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow) presented a fantastic finale show, “New World” trip to a successful conclusion.

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“The trip to the United States is definitely an unbelievable experience,” said Jacques Bothelin, captain of the replica Breitling jet fleet. “We can share the passion of Avionics with hundreds of thousands of fans and experience the great memories of the aviation industry. , Such as flying over Manhattan, we feel very honored. ”

In this thrilling long-distance journey, the fake Breitling jet fleet in the United States the most legendary landmarks staged spectacular flight performances, such as flying over the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Golden Gate Bridge, Zion National Park and Monument Valley and so on. The fleet also invited some very special guests to fly with them, including the former US Navy pilot and former US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronaut Mark Kelly (Mark Kelly); US Navy Blue Angel Aerobatic Team (US Navy Blue Angels) and the Canadian Air Force Snowbirds (Canadian Air Force Snowbirds) of the pilots were invited to experience as a person, enjoying the Breitling jet fleet sky extraordinary fun!

Jim DiMatteo, former US Navy pilot and head of the Bremen’s Journey to America, said: “For the US government, a Swiss-branded sponsor of the Czech Jet The French aerobatic team to the United States tour, which is never a precedent thing.But in Europe to enjoy the performance of the Breitling jet fleet, I made up my mind, we must let them fly in the United States sky.We and the United States The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) worked closely together to negotiate a new framework agreement for the Breitling Jets’ tour in North America, during which time we made a great effort and made a determined effort to break through I am deeply delighted and proud of the fact that the end result is a successful outcome. ”

Breitling set up in the 13 years before the Breitling jet fleet, with the public on a global scale to share the brand’s stunt flying unlimited enthusiasm. The team has a superb talent of the talented pilots, maneuvering elite car, at the same time represents Breitling’s most cherished brand value – performance, precision, courage, innovation, unique in the world aviation industry.


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