Nowadays, sports models watch fire. They not only have excellent performance and appearance, and more wild, to help the wearer to control formal or casual occasions, is a stylish and practical watches. Recently, we visited the Beijing Wangfujing Intime in88 Breitling stores and found that the classic Breitling Replica super marine 44 mm special edition watch is available for sale, as a brand new generation of professional diving watch, waterproof rating of 1000 meters. Its blue disk style design is also the more popular style this year, is also a good timepiece option. Here, let me take a look together: (watch model: Y1739316 | C959 | 162A)

This section of the super marine diving watch has a black circle and blue circle of two styles, available from the leather strap, Ocean Racer race rubber band or Diver Pro diving rubber strap according to individual needs, these are available at Official website and the brand APP under the implementation of custom wristwatch diving watch.

44 mm solid steel case satin sanding, showing a tough steel texture of the atmosphere. Crown Department has a protective device to protect the watch excellent waterproof performance. Exquisite crown polished steel to create, soft texture and non-slip texture, making the operation of the cheap replica watches more convenient and quick. Ultra-rugged anti-scratch blue high-tech ceramic rotating bezel, decorated with prominent timing time scale, so that underwater timing clearer and more intuitive.

Compared to the black section, blue section to be more bright, stylish. Stereo diving time scale and large hands are covered with white luminous coating, ensuring excellent readability. The calendar display window is located at the 3 o’clock position of the watch, giving the rich connotation charm. Worthy of integration, this watch in the inner ring also increased by 12-24 time scale, making the view more convenient.

Close process, to protect the watch has excellent anti-fall skills waterproof. Equipped with Breitling Replica Watches 17-type movement, to protect the watch’s precise travel time, with 40 hours of power reserve.

Breitling Super Ocean 44 mm special edition watch
Summary: In addition to these classic dive items, some of the hot new models this year are also available in stock, including the Breitling Aero Time Double Chasing Watch and Super Ocean Culture Series II watch and chronograph. In addition to the 42 mm super marine culture watch only one remaining, the other funds are more readily available, like the table friends may wish to go take a look.

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