Breitling launched a new version of the Superocean 42 blue-42 super ocean watch. This professional diving watch, have reflected just like the summer sky, the ocean and the vast expanse of the whole earth colors blue appearance, fresh and unique, for everyone to wear.

Breitling SuperOcean replica Chunlan version Superocean 42 watch 42


Breitling Superocean 42 42 super ocean watch case with extremely strong steel material, waterproof depth of 1500 meters, accompanied fearless brave the wind and waves. Cool looks and dynamic numerals show its bold unique design style, leading the fashion trend. Young, dynamic and modern Super Ocean 42 watches, Breitling perfect embodiment of a soft spot for swim the deep sea, the new blue-edition watch For more extreme: a one-way ratchet-type covered with blue rubber die on the rotating bezel, with luminous hands and dial, and when the subject of carving Breitling brand’s signature blue rubber strap also presents fresh, finely polished stainless steel case with a satin matte bezel contrasting figures, showing interesting colors and materials unique, global Limited 2000.

The new version of the super-clear blue ocean like a shining star 42 watches the summer, both in recreational beach, modern city or quiet the deep ocean, boundless charm; all the features but both Breitling “professionals wrist instrument”, with unmatched features sex and legible. Watch equipped with extraordinary precision automatic movement, and has a Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC), which is representative of the highest precision and reliable baseline certification is the only developed in accordance with international standards. Breitling Super Ocean watch blue-42 Version: refreshing dip in the summer blue ocean.

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