Breitling returns to the iconic face of the 21st century, not to mention the joy of finding that good old roller steel bracelet. Recently, Breitling introduced a supercharged version of its Chronomat: the Super Chronomat. Cheap Breitling Replica presented the Chronomat’s third moment of glory at ​. Its identity remains close to the first models of the famous Chronomat chronograph of the 1980s and its evolution, which led to a new collection of the same name.

The features of this 2020 Chronomat are immediately noticeable. Rotating bezel with its “rider” lugs, grooved and shaped “onion” style crown. But the first change we noticed was around the buttons. They are now smooth and olive-shaped. This is reminiscent of aerospace parts. You’ll also learn more about how the Breitling Replica Watch pushers are different. The extraordinary soul of the Chronomat collection is reflected in the side of the stainless steel bracelet. Breitling has reinterpreted the legendary roller bracelet with a modest finish and the most beautiful effect.

Inside we find the Breitling Calibre B01, adopted by Chronomat, thus changing the architecture of the dial and various sub-counters, distributed at three, six and nine o’clock for the 30-minute chronograph, 12 o’clock, respectively Hour Replica Watches China and small seconds totalizer. We’ll remember the beautiful power reserve of 70 hours, and the COSC certification.Mentioning “super” leads to an evolution in size. The new Chronomat has a diameter of 42mm, while the new Super Chronomat is a whopping 44mm in diameter. Logical for an enhanced Chronomat, it also makes sense when you consider the lack of a larger chronograph in the collection.

It is worth mentioning that this new Super Edition, the famous jumper at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock is interchangeable, so it can be used for both countdown and countdown functions. Very smart and very practical. For those with an eye and know some light reflection concepts, the “great” novelty of this Super Chronomat is the introduction of a ceramic bezel insert. The new Breitling Super Chronomat B01 Quality Replica Watches, like its little sister Chronomat, is powered by the B01 movement and still offers a comfortable 70-hour power reserve with a COSC-certified chronometer, not to mention a sympathetic mention of the column-wheel timing system.

In addition to the watch itself, the Super Chronomat offers a specific aspect of the bracelet, only available in black. This is a UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) module supplied and integrated into a steel roller bracelet. It allows you to display a second time zone, and this bracelet isn’t new at Breitling, we’ve come across it in the 1980s.The Swiss Replica Watch is available in 3 versions: black, blue in a steel case and brown in an 18-carat red gold case. But for those who like calendars a little more complex than the simple date at six o’clock of the Super Chronomat B01, Breitling also offers a Super Chronomat 44 “Four-Year Calendar” powered by the Breitling Caliber 19, a COSC-certified chronometer movement. and provided with a semi-perpetual calendar mechanism.

Understand that it will be necessary to adjust once every leap year, once every four years. It should be fine ! Two versions of this lunar 1:1 Replica Watches Swiss are offered, in a steel case with a few touches of red gold on the crown, the riders, indexes and hands with a choice of a blue or black dial, the bezel insert matching well obviously. Your eye will appreciate the graphical fidelity of the Moon.

The Perfect Breitling Super Chronomat Replica is therefore a completely logical offer for those who want a larger watch than the 42 mm of the Chronomat, in my opinion already sufficient but it is a fine wrist that expresses itself. We notice it by the ceramic of its bezel, its more imposing case and this little wink of the ends of the screwed push buttons and the crown, also in ceramic.

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