Breitling replica watches
Breitling replica watches

September 25, 2015, the streets of Zhengzhou airport, blue skies. Famous Swiss watch brand Breitling replica watches (Breitling) shocking debut 2015 Zhengzhou airshow. As experts in the field of precision timing, world-renowned in the world aviation industry official suppliers. Breitling hand in the Central Plains region’s most prestigious air show 2015 in Zhengzhou, bring a “walk in the clouds” for the aviation enthusiasts visual impact performance.

Breitling Skywalk flight team (Breitling Wingwalkers) as Breitling aerobatics under the command of an outstanding team, with its fantastic “Walk in the Clouds” famous. As the world’s only a professional Skywalk featuring aerobatic team, who has nearly three decades of rich experience in air show. The presence of four Breitling replica watches walk in the clouds Flight crews arrived at the scene received guests’ questions, the two pilots to be introduced Breitling professional pilot must have at Breitling Professional driving over 1000 hours on airplanes can.

The two US technology expert claimed to be the angel wings angel wings is their childhood dream, for which they paid a lot of hard work, and now finally got his wish. In the Breitling brand parked outside the display area a Breitling jet fighters, although only 1: 1 model size, and can not really fly, but still attracted a large number of visitors attention. Brand display area also has a watch showcase, exhibited Breitling replica watches flagship flight. A leisurely superior quality, well-built wonderful timepieces, Breitling inherited 131 years of glorious history and the Five independent tabulation of unremitting exploration and pursuit.

Wang Shipei wearing Breitling Chronograph 01 aviation watch, equipped with Breitling replica watches 01 self-movement, performance, stable and reliable. This legendary watch with stainless steel case, black dial with red second hand, silver cumulative timer and sophisticated stereo or numerals, classic styling make it more layered and Features in the details. Two-way ratchet rotating bezel ensures simple and smooth famous circular flight slider operation. Another optional 18k rose gold models.

Breitling Cockpit watch Chronograph B50 (Cockpit B50) using titanium case, loading Breitling replica watches built specifically for the aviation industry, along with the pointer and digital display of SuperQuartz ™ super quartz movement. This versatile electronic chronograph simple, legible and functional variety. Cockpit B50 Chronograph watch “Night task” version (Cockpit B50 Night Mission) by using high-intensity titanium case black carbonized handle with black rubber strap. A striking appearance has extraordinary extraordinary wrist instrument.

After reading the fine aviation Breitling replica watches, let us return flight to the scene, to enjoy a stroll Breitling replica watches wonderful aerobatic flight team. Angel wings standing on the plane ready to take off performances, a wonderful feast is about to begin flight. Aircraft across the sky, complete one roll in the air, stall turns, dodge and other stunts on the fly, while standing on the wing of the two wing angel even flying at a speed of up to 240 kilometers and the nearest fit when the two aircraft , clapping and other high altitude thrills complete performances. So thrilling performances, the scene attracted guests applause. So wonderful performances, a worthwhile trip. As the founder of professional aviation meter, Breitling replica watches and the global aviation industry has been flying side by side for more than a century. The 2015 portrait of Zhengzhou air show debut, writing in the vast land of their legendary flight, aviation enthusiasts and count too offer a wonderful feast. Interested friends can watch the site visit, in addition to flight demonstrations during the air show, flight Breitling replica watches classroom knowledge will be held for visitors to bring a full range of taste experiences. Breitling expect in the future for us to offer more thrilling wonderful timepiece.

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