The very first Cheap Breitling Navitimer Replica, with an all-black dial, 41mm stainless case, chronograph movement (supplied by both Venus and Valjoux at varying times), winged AOPA logo, and that all-important bidirectional slide rule bezel. This slide rule specifically catered to pilots, making it convenient to calculate average speed, distance traveled, fuel consumption, rate of climb or descent, and the conversion of miles to kilometres or nautical miles. With the convenience the Breitling Replica Watches offered, it was a hit with pilots.

We’ve established the Navitimer as an icon among icons, now let’s go shopping. Here are some of my favourite models among Breitling’s current range.The Best Breitling Replica Caliber B09 is a COSC-certified movement based on the Breitling Caliber 01, developed specifically for historic re-editions. Of all the current Navis, it’s the one I’d buy without a second’s hesitation.

My God, but this is handsome. AAA Breitling Replica has recently released (not without cries of “sacrilege!” by traditionalists) a line of non-chronograph timepieces under the Navitimer banner, and I’m digging the whole look. This is the “goldilocks” pick for me, my tastes, and my wrist circumference, the all-steel/black dial Navitimer Automatic 38.

Here’s the same model for smaller wrists, the Navitimer Automatic 35 Swiss Replica Watches, and the warm copper no-date dial makes me wish for it in 38mm. The beaded bezel is an uber-tasty callback to the original Navi, and I find the whole package just utterly captivating.

The polar opposite of the Automatic 35, the Luxury Navitimer B03 Chronograph Rattrapante 45 Replica Watches is one big ticket. If you’ve got substantial wrist real estate, this is one of Breitling’s nicest large chronographs, and the B03 Rattrapante movement is one of their most sophisticated. The gorgeous bronze-toned sunray dial is to die for, like a supermodel sunning on the deck of a superyacht anchored off the French Riviera. The whole stunning package comes equipped with a luxe tone-matched alligator strap.

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