Luxury replica watches have the ability to evoke strong emotions in the wearers, often passed down through generations, it’s vital their health is maintained through regular servicing. A luxury watch typically needs serviced every 5 years, though this is not set in stone and each manufacturer will have different guidelines.


Once your watch has been serviced it should leave the horologists with the same functionality it had when new. Every aspect of the watch is meticulously renovated with the case being disassembled completely with each component cleaned with special solution.

If your cheap replica watches skips a beat, slower or faster you should take it to be serviced in order to restore it to full working order.

What’s more, if your watch suffers damage of any sort (dust, water etc) then you should take it for a service immediately, the sooner the mechanism is opened and aired, the less damage will be sustained.


The reason for servicing a watch is that it can diagnose problems earlier, which means damage can be repaired. If you visit the horologist once the damage is noticeable, often it’s more costly to fix, or cannot be salvaged at all.

In order to maintain the health of your replica watches, I recommend having it fitted expertly which will reduce excess wear and tear, leading to damage.

And, of course don’t wear the timepiece in high risk situations, such as the beach, sporting activities etc.


A typical watch service entails:

-The components will be specially lubricated to minimise friction that leads to excess wear, this lubrication means the watch will continue to be accurate.

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