For those who want more to the earth, the Monitling Transocean Repches Watches Unitime looks like a good choice.

The slightly retro-style Unitime has a simple world time mechanism. The dial has a disc with 24 cities in 24 time zones and 24 hours in the other. Because there are two discs, you can read the time of any time zone on the city disc from a 24-hour disc.

When the crown is pulled and turned, the city disc, the 24-hour disc and the hour hand are synchronized with the date. All these Swiss Replica Breitling can advance forward or backward.

The movement is the internal Replica Watches Breitling Caliber 05, a F01-based chronograph movement. The case is made of steel or rose gold with a diameter of 46 mm and a black or white dial. The retro-looking Ocean Classic mesh bracelet also has a steel version. Not an extraordinary pair of watches, but it’s easy to operate and understand. For a really practical travel watch, it may be a bit big, but it is still a good product.

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