CAFÉ RACER (coffee knight) was born in the 20th century, the streets of London in the 1950s, coincided with the end of World War II, abandoned, cheap means of transport was needed by the people at the time. At the time of the United Kingdom, especially young people choose more motorcycle motorcycle as a means of transport.

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What is the Coffee Knight?

Coffee Knight is basically the pursuit of speed, to stimulate young people. They always dreamed that they could become real racers, they like to gather in the cafes, betting drag racing, the rule is from this cafe to another cafe this road for the track, whoever went first to win. Of course, there is another saying, the 1950s is also the era of popular rock and roll, coffee knights are also rock fans. At that time, the British did not broadcast, young people’s income can not bear the cost of record and record machine, if you want to listen to music can only go to the cafe to listen to jukebox. Coffee knights are often gathered in a jukebox in the coffee shop, while listening to music while drinking coffee. The rules of the game between the coffee knights is: when the jukebox starts playing a rock and roll, the Coffee Knight rides out of the cafe to start a motorcycle, ride another cafe, and return. In the three minutes of rock ‘n’ roll, a coffee rider comes back first, or who recently wins from the jukebox. This is called Record-Racing.

The coffee knight’s locomotive is modified models, and a coffee-style knight-type motorcycle must be the following three features: separate hand, this point and the modern high-performance motorcycle the same.

To have a handsome hood, not a modern racing package board, but the hood.

Single seat and must have a sexy ass (hump).


In this year, Zenith Pilot watch series add another personality of the new members, HERITAGE PILOT CAFÉ RACER watch (model: 11.2430.4069 / 21.C773). With the spirit of “Coffee Knight” as the design source, full of masculine charm, equipped with the legendary El Primero Star 4069 automatic chronograph movement, retro design dial provides perfect readability.
45 mm in diameter to do the old steel case, the thickness of 14.25 mm, worn in the wrist between the full texture. Wrist full fine dial with rock-gray grain dial, Arabic numerals covered with light brown SuperLuminova SLN GL luminous material. Dial throughout the details are in place, the overall retro strong. In any daytime environment when reading clear.

Zenith flight characteristics of the replica watches uk onion large crown, worn on the wrist and there will be no discomfort. And in the adjustment time feel more comfortable.

Green oil frosted leather strap, with rubber protective lining, with titanium metal buckle, full of masculinity! Rubber lining not only increases comfort, but also helps to reduce perspiration.

Case on the side of the nameplate engraved with an independent number, thick flying watch flavor.
Titanium bottom cover, equipped with El Primero Star 4069 high-frequency chronograph movement, diameter 30 mm, 6.6 mm thick, composed of 254 parts. Speed vibration per hour up to 36,000 times for one-tenth of a second time to show power. Movement to drive the central hour and minute hands, 9 o’clock position of the small seconds and a variety of timing features, with more than 50 hours of power reserve

This section of Zenith replica HERITAGE PILOT CAFÉ RACER watch, we also use professional equipment for its full string after the test.

Summary: Since it is a remembrance of that period of “speed and passion” of the watch, its audience also relatively small minority, and, after all, retro, riding a Quotes of the rare people (first-tier cities of motorcycles A license is expensive, B card you are embarrassed to ride out). 45 mm large case size wrist worn people always have a strong sense of foreign dry in the funny. However, then again, popular this thing has always been over and over again engraved, this cheap replica watches should also be part of the fashion people with the costumes of the bar.

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