At the beginning of this year’s Basel Watch Fair, there is a message we must still impressed now, that is, Breitling and Tudor together, Breitling for the Tudor provided a self-produced B01 self-winding chronograph movement, Tudor for the Breitling Since the production of the MT5612 big three-pin calendar movement, because before this, Tudor and Breitling in the brand positioning is disparate, so such a “leapfrog” type of cooperation, people are very confused mind, more Moreover, the two movements are used in the main movement. But it does reflect a problem, that Breitling at least in the near future does not intend to develop their own basic models of movement, and Tudor do not intend to develop their own chronograph movement, the benefits of doing so is clear, reduce R & D costs, but also to meet Each product line vacancies, is a two-pronged thing, for the experts, may feel the so-called, but for larger groups of consumers, is not the brand’s own research and development of the movement, there is no serious, as long as the product Good quality, good design, good prices, you can win the consumer market.

Super Ocean culture second generation 42 and 46 models
Cliche, talk about the product or to first look at this product. Breitling style and positioning we are very familiar with, very hard, very Man, even smaller size, such as the challenger 36 mm ladies watches, can see very sharp lines and edges and corners, obviously not suitable for My Fair Lady type girl. Breitling replica very few female models, relative to its men’s watches are very rich, Superocean culture series English name is Super Ocean Heritage, and the super sea series is the biggest difference is that its design is more classic and heritage, and super The ocean is a very pure diving tool table. In general, the centuries-old tool form of the table, its logo is with wings, and more refined side of the table (in fact, not so refined, or partial functional), logo is the word “B”, and Often three-dimensional gold, looks more simple, but also more luxurious.

Super Ocean Culture 42 Second Generation and Generation Comparison
This year’s new series of Superocean culture, there are two sizes, a 42 mm, a 46 mm, and the original Superocean culture series in the overall design and not much change, but there are several small changes. The first is the change of the pointer, this is very obvious, the original pointer is the arrow and pencil-type minute hand, and the second generation of the arrow was lengthened, and the middle plus a bar, from personal preferences, I still prefer The original design, relatively simple. Followed by minute hand, minute hand from the pencil type, also became a sword-shaped, or called diamond-shaped. In addition, the location of the calendar has also changed, the second generation of Superocean culture series of calendar window at 6 o’clock position, generation at 3 o’clock position, this is very obvious. Other words, bezel, bracelet what changes are not, yes, the crown also has some changes, but not as clear as the above two, so do not mention worth mentioning. These are the two generations and the generation of very obvious signs (46 mm version of the calendar are at 6 o’clock position, we can judge according to the pointer), with the second generation of the market, we have to understand the difference between the two.

B20 movement and MT5612 movement (with the calendar version of the Tudor basic movement)
After a new upgrade after the Superocean culture series of second-generation replica watches, there are some more important upgrades, such as the use of ceramic bezel, the most important thing is equipped with a B20 internal automatic mechanical movement, the basic movement Tudor MT5612, can provide at least 70 hours of kinetic energy storage, and the original B17 movement, the basic movement for the ETA 2824-2. In essence, the new generation of Superocean culture second generation, advanced more than one star and a half.

As can choose their own disk, bezel, strap, clasp, so the price difference is very large
So after the upgrade, we are most concerned about, in fact, its price. This is the main reason I wrote this article, Breitling Superocean culture second generation, the price starts from 29500 RMB, until 34700 RMB termination, of course, here is the whole section of steel, not to be customized gold ring and other precious metals Of the parts. 29500 RMB version is the use of needle buckle aviation classic rubber strap models, 34700 RMB is the classic classic metal bracelet, now known is the 46mm and 42mm version, the price is the same. And the previous generation of Superocean culture series, the same classic Superocean metal bracelet style, price adjustment after the price is 31500 RMB, other models include rubber needle buckle version, the price of the previous generation price is 26300 RMB, while the new generation price of 31500 RMB The In fact, the price of 2016 Superocean culture series, more than 5000 before the price adjustment, the price is completely more than the current price of the second generation, the new out, the price jumped directly, and the new Superocean culture second-generation series Watch, the price inherited last year’s Superocean culture series watch the price, or even lower 2,000 yuan. From this point on, the new watch after the upgrade, the price did not actually rise, but declined.

Tudor only with the calendar of Heritage Black Bay
After the new out, we also found that the old models continue to appear in the secondary market, but the new has just entered the market, not a wide range of infiltration to the secondary market, but according to the current old models in the secondary market performance, the new in the counter and Secondary channel differences, not too much. And whether it is purchasing or other channels, the new price and the domestic are not too many advantages at all (overseas channels only cheaper than the domestic counter of 2,000 yuan, little advantage), which is Breitling replica watches efforts to balance the international price of poor results The Another noteworthy point is that we all know that this movement from the Tudor, then Breitling and Tudor the price difference how much? Tudor’s hot has always been no discount, even if there is also very little, the current Tudor with the movement of the new Black Bay sales price of 27,000 or so, because Breitling is a discount, so the real price, and Tudor is very close, almost identical. But we know that Breitling is actually in the brand level is higher than the Tudor, and Breitling B20 movement, but also than the Tudor MT5612 movement to fine, polished better. So from this point of view, Breitling Superocean culture second generation is very worth buying cheap replica watches.

Superocean culture second generation 42 watch
Listed for some time, 42 mm Breitling Superocean culture second generation compared to 46 mm style to be more popular, after all, people’s wrist size, in fact, 46 mm or too large, 42 mm more moderate, while Breitling launched Can be customized services, from the dial color, bezel color, strap type, clasp these aspects, you can choose their favorite style, and can also be lettering, so you can combine a lot of very personal models. Some time ago, I went to the 100 years of the store in Beijing, when the sale of 42 mm style is only one, 46 mm is a few. After feeling really feel that this luxury replica watches is called the cultural series, the scale is also from the super ocean of the big Roman figures replaced by a more simple nail scale, bezel is also looking more quiet ceramic ring, but the ear, case Of the style, still can feel the kind of physical tough guy.

The B word gold is still very handsome
Of course, just say good, do not say bad, a bit inappropriate. But not only from the personal preferences, mature brands generally do not have Mishap, not to mention it just to the market, to be observed. Previously said that it’s clockwise I think there is no generation of nice looking, another point is, as a 42mm trojan pin, it reaches a thickness of 14mm or more, the feeling is thicker, from the case diameter and thickness The proportion of it, it is not 46 mm of the balance of money. Screwed into the bottom cover, can not see the movement, this is not a shortcoming, Breitling has always been so, this and the nations like, non-self movement, do not reveal the end, sports style even their own movement, But I still like the bottom, and through the end to do 200 meters waterproof is not difficult. So this table is suitable for sports men, although it has been very gentle.
Overall, the new version of the Superocean culture after the second generation, in fact, and Tudor equipped with the same movement of the Black Bay in the price there is some overlap, although the price difference of thousands, but the purchase is almost almost, and all Is their brand in the Heritage style, rather than Tool Watch, so the positioning is the same. So you will choose the Breitling Superocean culture second generation, or Tudor new Black Bay?

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