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Established in 1962, became the first sports brand clock wrist tag heuer autavia growth. in 1969, the autavia occur in a collection of time automatic chronomatic announced. 1163th, the first model the movement. it was started in 1962, became the first sports brand tag heuer autavia wrist a timer growth.

in 1969, the autavia occur in a collection of time automatic chronomatic announced. 1163th replaced the first models with size 11 by using the movement operations, this is a 12 gauge, for example. orange dial is highlighted, the most typical is black, and then use the money scarce, was the white version. sub dials can start finish rich brown tropical dark age.

tag heuer replica watches, introduced in 2005, created a limited edition commemorative 4000 years which would be steve mcqueen. thbirthday. call the design of costume worn by mcqueen in the 1971 film le mans. the precise stiffert zeng haoya spokesman joe mcqueen racer is proposed. it has been stifferts whitening kit colours of announcement of gulf oil, full appearance, using the recently introduced a 12 gauge (model b).

enthusiasm for amateur to ride bicycles and racing cars, the new task is a dream for steve mcqueen, but he needs to block the results of fire all the directors to abandon and budget overruns and crews of breakdown for the financial difficulties of the company. the usual story racing video songs, the dialogue is running bench work. several sequences were obtained, since the 1970s, the race itself was also a couple of porsche 917 le mans ferrari 512.

since its inception in 1986, is still the core of the number tag heuer f1. revival of the time, before some of the clocks and watches manufacturing industries have a lot of interest, or any other type of watch manufacturing industry. most of the mechanical watches, quartz watches and movements to buy is regarded as an eccentric and out of curiosity. even more important, look at the style and title. tag heuer is still in the image f1 is a range, can afford.